O.J. wants to reshape his image

After a murder case and all the publicity that O.J. Simpson received in the mid 90’s he is now trying to reshape his public image. It has been ten years since the case first started and the football legend is still in the public eye looking for ways to become that once loved man of many Americans.

It is not unheard of for a troubled celebrity to look for ways to reshape their image; many do it an all sorts of ways. Some choose to get new endorsements with companies that will pay them to help their public image out, while others look to get into new areas of entertainment to show that they have changed. A person and a brand are very similar when it comes to image. A person’s image is always in the eyes of the public, while a brand’s image is available to the public as well.

The beer company Foster’s is revamping their brand image as O.J. is doing. Mr. Simpson has hired a camera crew to follow him around to show the world that he is just like them, a common citizen. Although he thinks it will work, some Americans have said it is a new low for O.J. Foster’s on the other hand after their brand being one of the hottest beers in the country a decade ago they are now facing dismal sales. They have decided to give the brand a Corona style makeover. The famous Corona brand has made itself a party and relaxation brand. When people think of Corona they think of something calm yet a party in a bottle. That is what Foster’s and O.J. must do; their actions must be to influence the country to view them differently without going to far. It is somewhat hard to do but with the correct goals and mix of actions, it can happen.

— Rodrice

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