Obama’s Supporters React At Jesse Jackson’s ‘Crude’ Comments

Jesse Jackson was caught on camera making negative comments about Barack Obama, now the Reverend has apologized, but not all Obama supporters have accepted it.

American civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson has apologized for his ‘crash’ comments about Barack Obama. The Reverend was caught on tape during a Fox News interview saying that he believed Obama was “talking down to black people,” and he wanted to quote “cut his nuts off,” and yes he was talking about the current Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Jackson was referring to Obama’s speeches made about fathers taking care of their children when he said, “See, Barack has been talking down to black people on this faith-based … I want to cut his nuts off.” When Fox News released a tape of the comments, Mr Jackson called a news conference to apologize publicly for his “regretfully crude” language, saying he thought the conversation was private.

The comments were made when Jackson believed that his microphone was turned off. Following the release of his conversation which he thought was private, Jackson immediately called a news conference to apologize publicly for his “crude and hurtful” comments.

“I want to be clear,” Jackson said in a statement. “My support for Barack Obama is unequivocal. I apologize to Barack and the Obama campaign for my crude and hurtful comments.”

Barack Obama has since accepted Jackson’s apology, but the same can not be said for all of Obama’s supporters.

“I’m deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson’s reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama. His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee — and I believe the next president of the United States — contradict his inspiring and courageous career,” stated Jessie Jackson Jr., in regards to his father’s comments.

Even rapper Nas has responded stating that he feels Jesse Jackson’s “time is up” and referred to Jackson as quote “the biggest player hater”.

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