Obama and Clinton’s Face-off In Philadelphia Debate Tonite

Obama and Clinton Face-off Tonite; Is Clinton Still ‘Bitter’? Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pulls For Obama.

Just six days before the important Pennsylvania primary, a Philadelphia debate, is scheduled to air tonite on the ABC Television Network.

Will Hillary go on the attack in tonight’s face-off in Philly as she has been doing lately with her attacks on Sen. Obama for Obama’s comments of small-town Americans being ‘bitter’.

A Philadelphia Daily News/Franklin & Marshall survey out today shows that Clinton is holding a narrow lead in Pennsylvania, 46 percent to 40 percent over Obama.

But also, today, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said although Obama and Hillary Clinton are equally prepared to be president and united in their opposition to President Bush’s policies, Barack Obama is the candidate because “Democrats deserve a nominee for change.”

“Like two opposing armies marching to a new Gettysburg, the forces of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton come to this latest battlefield symbolizing two views of America — one of the past, one of the future. Pennsylvania Democrats need to rise to the historic moment,” the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial said.

But maybe Clinton will decide to rather address the issues of the American people rather than attack Obama, because in a national ABC News/Washington Post survey, nearly 60 percent of Democratic voters view her unfavorably so the numbers suggest that Clinton’s attack on Obama may be backfiring or is possibly simply not helping her campaign.

The 90-minute debate will air from the National Constitution Center at 8:00 pm until 10:00 pm ET/PT (7PM CST) on the ABC Television Network.

It’s the first Democratic debate since Obama and Clinton faced off in Cleveland on Feb. 26.

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