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Next Big Thing, “Gyft”

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Slept on rap artist, Gyft, winner of K97’s Next Big Thing Showcase, recently spoke with about winning his recording deal with Koch Records in the music showcase with WHRK K97.1 FM, what it felt like winning and more. The rapper, who isn’t your typical Memphis rapper with a typical Memphis rap sound, claims he “is a hustler that beat the odds” and is not influenced only by the city of Memphis but has influences from “all types of music from Mavado to Sting to Trick Daddy.”

Well, whatever the rapper has, it’s beginning to shine on others with his music releases such as the song “They Just Don’t Know” which is getting great feedback from fans online, and his song “Holla At My Kinfolk.”

The rapper’s songs comes off his latest music effort entitled “I Am Memphis.”

Now with a new recording deal under his belt with Koch, the “Next Big Thing” artist Gyft says his “next big thing” is to “put the city in the bright lights!”

Check out’s interview with K97’s Next Big Thing showcase winner and new Koch Records recording artist, Gyft. Who is Gyft?

Gyft Photo ArtGyft: Gyft is a hustler that beat the odds people said I wasn’t Memphis enough and my style couldn’t work but ya know what here I am so you may as well hop on board. Who are some of your influences in music?

Gyft: I’m influenced by everybody in all types of music from Mavado to Sting to Trickdaddy I just like all kinds of music. How did you get started rapping?

Gyft: I actually got started just coming up with stories in my head and I just started writing it down and then just tried to write a song from there and the rest is as they say history. Have you done any rap showcases before or was this your first?

Gyft: Nah this is my first showcase I always thought they were corny until now lol. How did it feel winning the Next Big Thing showcase?

Gyft: It’s was a great feeling the whole night was perfect from pulling up in the party bus to all the love I got from the crowd it was a real Hollywood type night you dig and it’s been nothing but love since then. How did you feel about the other contestants in the showcase?

Gyft: Honestly I didn’t get a chance to really meet the other artist in the contest but I wish I would have because I think that’s one of the biggest problems here in Memphis we don’t reach out to each other and I don’t want to get caught up in that. Do you plan on collabing with any of the other artists you met during the showcase?

Gyft: Like I said I really didn’t meet them but I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Have you spoken with Koch Records regarding your recording deal?

Gyft: Yeah we have spoken a few times. What are their plans and yours regarding the deal?

Gyft: I think they have plans on taking the song nationwide and making it that next big hit for the summer. How do you feel about the rap scene right now?

Gyft: I think the rap scene is a business now which makes it good in some cases because people can make money but it also makes it bad because people at the top don’t care about the art or your career they just want to make a dollar off you so you just have to be smart and put yourself in a position where you can control as much of what you do as possible. How about Memphis rap?

Gyft in front of Stax signGyft: Memphis rap is lacking leadership it’s nobody here giving the game to new artists… it’s like we don’t wanna see anybody get on. But what we don’t realize is we take food out of our own mouth and we are afraid to do something new.. it’s just the same old sound we all can’t sound the same way it’s like no matter how good something is, if you keep hearing it over and over again at some point you going to get tired of it we have to accept that it’s a new day and it’s people hear that are talented but have a different sound. What’s the ‘next big thing’ for Gyft?

Gyft: The next big thing for Gyft is to put the city in the bright lights where it should be I’m a star and it’s time for me to shine bright.

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  1. Im from arizona and I just heard dis joint in da club last night. Yo nicca dis s--t right here is as hot as the arizona heat! I had to ask da dj who dis was so I could get it. Ive been on dis computer all day looking for dis joint to download. Cant wait till you drop some more fire!

  2. I recently heard this song while attending a party and immediately started researching to download and see where it can be purchased, AWESOME song.

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