Newest Addition to the Memphis Rap Family

BuBaDa writes ” G-NuttzThe Memphis Rap Community welcomes it’s newest addition: BuBaDa Records (pronounced Boo Buh Dah), and it’s first artist G-Nuttz, the “Black Barracudda”, coming to you straight outta Westwood!!

Check these guys out at to find out the haps on one of the hottest artists from Memphis since Eightball and MJG.

Memphis Tennessee get ready for a wave of different lyrical styles, different musical tracks (for a change), and a batch of totally different artists. We said “different” damn it!

Catch G-Nuttz live at LaShun’s Sport Bar and Grill, 1312 North Thomas, on Friday, May 17th at 8pm. All underground artists, comedians, etc. are encouraged to come out and perform, as there will be a representative from Arista Records in the house!!

Visit us on the web at or call 937-0243 (local) or toll free outside of Memphis area at 1-866-DIG-THAT

To perform, sign up by calling Eric “E-Money” Watson at 901-628-2955. (Real Stuff Productions).”

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