New Gang Cruxifix Claims Color Green & Pledges Gangster Diciples

LOOK OUT!!! There is a new gang on the rise. They are all said to have been formed right here in Memphis 10. The first gang creepin on up is called Cruxifix. This gang is bringin the color green into tha gang scene. They rep the colors green and black. They also represent to the right. Cruxifix is still a gang in the making so, it’s not all the way formed yet. They still need members and they have one big plan.

The plan is to become the little brothers of GD! Yep, you heard it, Gangster Diciples, the nontorious chi-town street gang. Cruxifix is spreadin’ little by little and claim to have even got a slew of people in Cordova. Cruxifix is different from other gangs though, they dont really jump people in, they jus’ ask u to start reppin’ and to follow the rules they set; so, basiclly all u have to do is start wearin’ the colors and start callin out the knowledge. I spoke to a member of Cruxifix and they told me this, “We ain’t tryin to do all dis jumpin folks in and stuff, we jus wanna be big and have a lot of members so we can be good in fights and stuff.” They say any body who starts reppin’ it can recruit people and stuff. So we have found out obviously that this new gang Cruxifix is not your traditional street gang instead they are “different”. They also informed me that they plan to be as big as GD, Vl, Crips, Bloods and all of that.


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