New female rap artist, Poizon Releases ”Holdin On”

Talking about a change from the original Memphis Rap flava! First rumored to be signed with the infamous Hypnotize Minds, but actually on label Strict 9 Records, this white girl, Poizon, is packing a mean punch with her hip club beats and almost disco-like flava & two-snap sista style! When it comes to the Memphis Rap game, this is definitely a new & UNIQUE flava! Formerly a gentleman’s club and street dancer from the streets of South Memphis, her background story sorta reminds you of a few other now well-known female rappers in the game who made it thru rough times to stardom. Will she be the next?

Or rather, should I say, will she be the first? The first to what u ask! The first successful white female rapper to break the Rap Industry, that’s what!! Well, she definitely has a hard task ahead of her but stirring up noise around town the way she’s doing now is a good start! If she can break Memphis, then she can break anything! Take a listen to Poizon’s new single “You’s A Trick” and be sure to go and pick up your copy of “Holding On” which released in stores today, August 19th. Be sure to let us and everyone else know what you think of new Memphis rap artist, Poizon! Stay tuned to your #1 site, for more!!!

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