Adrian Peterson NFL Minnesota Vikings
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New Abuse Allegations Surface On NFL Player Adrian Peterson For Different Son, Child Had Black Eye?

Adrian Peterson NFL Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson’s story of child abuse has taken on a new turn as a second child abuse allegation has arisen with another 4 year-old son by a different mother.

Adrian Peterson was previously accused of injuring his 4 year-old after whipping the child with a ‘switch’ (flimsy tree branch) which broke through the child’s skin leaving injuries on his leg.

Pictures surfaced of Adrian Peterson’s son leading to Peterson being deactivated by the Vikings for one game.

Peterson was later reinstated by the Vikings which caused controversy over the Internet.

Now Peterson is under scrutiny again for reportedly injuring another 4 year-old son by a different mother which pictures of the incident, which occurred back in June 2013, surfaced on the Internet.

No charges were filed for the injuries that occurred to the 4 year-old by Peterson disciplining him at that time, but text messages have now surfaced of a conversation Peterson had with the mother which is being called “damaging.”

The child apparently had a head wound seen in a photo with other photos taken a couple of weeks later revealing a scar under the child’s right eye.

In a text message exchange, the mother asked Peterson “what happened to his head” which Peterson responded that the 4 year-old had hit his head on the car seat. The mother replied asking ‘how it happened’ and ‘did he get a whopping in the car’ with Peterson simply replying “yep” adding that he “felt so bad.. but he did it his self.”

With the new details, text messages and photos out, a prosecutor named Randy Burton of Family Crimes has stated that the incident with Peterson disciplining his son for allegedly cussing a sibling is “absolutely criminal” because the child’s skin was broken and he was bleeding.

Meanwhile, Peterson’s attorney Rusty Hardin claims Peterson hasn’t done anything wrong. Hardin added that Adrian Peterson’s incident was brought up to authorities over a year ago and an adult witness, back then, insisted that Peterson did nothing inappropriate to his son.

Hardin went on to say that there is no ongoing investigation regarding the past incident which the NFL claims that they were also aware of and would defer any questions to Adrian Peterson’s attorney because authorities took no action in 2013 regarding the old child abuse allegation.

Still, regarding the controversy around NFL stars Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, the NFL has decided to place Peterson on the exempt list barring him from games due likely to the pressure put on the NFL by major sponsors and critics online.

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