Music Star Mindy McCready Dead: Shot Her Dog Then Herself In Suicide At Arkansas Home

Country music star Mindy McCready committed an apparent suicide on Sunday while at her home in Heber Springs, Arkansa. Her death is still a blur while family, friends and investigators try to figure out what prompted the star to end her own life and if recent incidents caused it.

Mindy McCready, who became a platinum recording artist and country music sensation in the 90’s, had a number of issues in the past including legal, drug abuse and suicide attempts since 2005. On last month, the singer lost her longtime boyfriend and the father of one of her two young sons, producer David Wilson, 34, who committed suicide just weeks before her own death on January 13th.

Following the death of David Wilson, this month McCready had checked into a court-ordered rehab and had even given her children up to foster care due to a request by her father who asked the judge to step in because he claimed she was abusing prescription drugs, drinking alcohol and wasn’t taking care of her two sons.

It is unclear when the singer left rehab and why she went home and killed herself on the porch where her boyfriend had died.

Reportedly, the 37 year-old Country singer shot the family dog before killing herself dying from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.


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