Music Artists Making It Big In Movies

For a long time music artists have shown passion for actors and actresses. There has always been a bond between the two, in the recent years many have crossed the lines and doubled their careers as musicians and actors/actresses. Some actors/actresses have done the same by giving music a chance. Many people have more than one talent but tend to over look their true passions in life because the have allowed their careers to take the lead. That has not stopped some from pursuing their dreams of becoming a movie star.

Many will come but only a few are chosen, that saying should be hanging at all movie casting callings. Only a select few will make it as a part of the movie. For the many music artists that have wanted for years to become actors and actresses the saying holds true. Only a few of them have made the cross over into a new career, but for those that have made it the cross over has been worth the while.

Will Smith is the ultimate story of a music artist moving his career into the big screen. Mr. Smith has been in a number of movies, and first started his acting career on his own television show. His acting career has taken over and he has put his musical talents on hold for a good reason. Others that have made the leap into acting careers are: Eve, Luda, Diddy, DMX, 2Pac, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, TI, Bow Wow, and recently The Game.

The Game, the west coast new lead man, has moved his musical career into the world of acting. He will be featured in the new movie Waist Deep coming to theaters June 16, 2006. In addition, Bow Wow will be in a new movie the Fast and Furious 3, which will also be in theaters June 16, 2006.

There are good reasons why music artists are pursuing more acting careers, the biggest being that the money in acting is seen to be easier to gain. Not saying that you can get in movies easier than into a musical career, but the money you are paid is somewhat gained faster and without some of the hard labor that goes along with promoting your music.

— Rodrice

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