Mr. Del performs in memory of 11 year old, Damien Woodard, gun killing

People joined together in Glenview in memory of Damien Woodard, an 11-year-old boy who was caught in a crossfire shootout and killed on a South Memphis playground as he attempted to hide crouched next to a tree during a 5 man gun battle outside the Oak Park Apartments building in Memphis, TN.

There was a special appearance from Mr. Del, the spiritual rapper & former member of the infamous Three 6 Mafia. Mr. Del, who in the year 2000 placed Southern Rap with Gospel in his album “Enter the Light”, stated to media that “I just wanted to show people that there is someone who cares”. Others participated in the remembrance of Damien by pinning up teddy bears across treefronts and more..

More on Shooting: Herman A. Parham, 17, Rodricus A. Johnson, 18, and Patrick J. Brown, 20, were charged with first-degree murder after they admitted to police they fired their automatic weapons as they chased a man they were seeking revenge on, because he shot at them earlier Sunday.

Herman Parham’s brother, Patrick Parham, 18, and their cousin, 19-year-old Jeremy Parham, were charged with facilitation to commit first-degree murder. Police said they were involved in the chase but fired no shots, even though they were also armed with automatic weapons.

The man the suspects were firing at was identified as Christopher Williams by police. He has not been charged, says MPD.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” says Deputy Chief R. G. Wright. “During this incident, a weapon was dropped by one of the suspects and someone in the apartment complex picked it up before police arrived on the scene, and we would like that gun back.

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  1. This was my son he was my step son but I didn’t consider him a step son, steps are something you walk on with no respect, he was my son from 2 months until his passing at 10 yrs old, his father and I miss him so much words can’t express how much his sisters and brothers miss him, it’s a void in my heart that will always be incomplete. I love you so much and for his other sisters and brothers that don’t live in Memphis I would love to meet you all and share some of his memories with y’all. I love you all. We miss you so much my child.

  2. that was my baby brother my son was born on his birthday his name is damyun woodard i mikss my brother everyday every year i celebrate both of there birthdays

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