Mouse Named ‘Hero’ In 13-Year-Old Rape Victim’s Rescue

After a roommate of four men attempted to kill what was believed to have been a mouse by shooting at it with a handgun, the mouse has been named a hero after a young 13 year-old run-away girl was found hiding in a basement closet in the police investigation of the incident.

A 34-year-old Utah man is being accused of raping a 13-year-old girl following a bizarre shooting. An unidentified roommate, 27, decided to shoot a roaming mouse in their home with a 9mm handgun which resulted with a bullet penetrating a wall and striking a roommate, 28, in the chest while in the bathroom.

What the three roommates didn’t know was that a young underage girl was in their home and had been coming to their place to visit Paul Daniel Kunzler, 34. Allegedly the 13 year-old, who lives about 10 miles away, revealed she had sexual relationship with him and claims she met him four months ago. Authorities state that she had snuck out of her home to meet up with Kunzler.

Zach Baker, a roommate who lives in the basement, says he was awaken by police and was sleep throughout the gunfire. Baker claims that he had never seen the young girl before and that he was ‘creeped out’ that she was hiding in a closet when police told him where they found her.

Baker went on to say that Kunzler had other children and he thought the guy was weird, but he wasn’t expecting anything like this.

Paul Daniel Kunzler was charged with two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sexual abuse of a child and three counts of sodomy of a child.

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