More Info Revealed In Lester Street Murders; Reward Fund Now Over $80K

Though there is still a terrifying almost horrific terror still floating about the Lester Street murders, more information has been revealed. Police have found more evidence and the reward is still increasing.

Though Memphis Police are not revealing much about what they now know about the Lester Street murders where the adult bodies of Cecil Dewayne Dotson, 30, who rented the house; his girlfriend, Marissa Rene Williams, 27; Hollis Seals, 33; and Shindri Roberson, 22 and two children were all found killed at the home of 722 Lester St., just north of Summer in north Binghamton, they [the police] have made it clear that they are gaining more information on the case.

“We’ve gotten a lot of tips, but we need more,” Lt. Joseph Scott said. “There is a lot of physical evidence. … There are hundreds of pieces of evidence,” Scott added. “It will be slow and methodical.”

Cecil Dotson, who rented the house where the dead bodies were discovered, has been identified in jail records as a longtime Gangster Disciple. More information also shows that Dotson once lived in a house at Holmes Street and Given Avenue that was closed in August 2006 by Memphis police and the district attorney general’s office. The home was deemed as a public nuisance as part of the Blue Crush initiative.

In more information revealed, police have responded to what is being referred to as ‘a possible break-in’ of Nicole Dotson’s apartment at Goodwill Village Apartments because, according to News Channel3, relatives state someone called Dotson’s cell phone from inside her apartment, even though it was supposed to be empty. Although nothing was found, police returned to the apartment later in the day and reportedly hauled away bags of evidence and questioned several neighbors.

According to Director Larry Godwin, the Police are beginning to develop a focus. “I think they have a direction they’re leaning towards. I think they feel pretty confident with it. They’re continuing to bring people in,” Director Godwin told News Channel3.

But until someone is arrested and found guilty, this case will not be shut and there is still a terrifying almost horrific terror still floating about. This is probably why the reward for the Lester Street murders is still increasing. Since Gov. Phil Bredesen offered a $50,000 reward for the killers, the reward for the crime has now been increased to $81,000. Anyone with information leading to an arrest is still encouraged to call the Memphis Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.

In more related and somewhat disturbing news, this Lester Street case which involved not only the four adults and two children found dead, also involved three surviving children which now new information learned paints a horrific vision: one of the three children who survived the Lester Street murders was found with a knife protruding from his head and another child had two fingertips cut off.

Though none of the children have been officially identified, as recently reported, Nicole Dotson, Cecil Dotson’s sister, gave the names of the five children to The Commercial Appeal, although she did not know who had survived. The names are two Cecil Dotsons, ages 9 and 2; Cedric Dotson, 5; Cemarrio Dotson, 4; and a 2-month old girl, also a Dotson, which the aunt was uncertain about the spelling of her first name.

Some police investigators are now saying they have not witnessed a crime scene of the likes of this nature before.

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