Mom Takes A Bite Into 9 Month-Old Baby

In a rather disturbing and weird incident, a Tennessee woman bit her 9 month-old baby because the baby allegedly ‘bit her first’.

In a rather disturbing incident, a Tennessee mother bit her toothless 9 month-old baby girl back in retaliation for biting her forehead on May 30 in Algood, TN. Stacie Marie Davis, 29, allegedly stated that the two of them were sitting on the kitchen floor when her ‘fussy and cranky’ daughter leaned forward and took a gum bite into her forehead.

“In retaliation, Ms. Davis spanked her daughter on the bottom and then bit the child on her right elbow,” the officer’s report stated according to the Herald-Citizen. “She said she didn’t realize that she had bit so hard as to leave marks.”

When Officer Mark Steel made the report and photographed the injury of the infant, he noticed that she didn’t have any teeth. In addition, Officer Steel noticed the time frame of alleged incident and that the bite marks were still visible seven or eight hours later.

The mother was sent to Putnam jail and book. Her bond was set for $10,000. She is expect in court on June 23.

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