Jeffrey Hunter last text Goodbye Mama during Arkansas tornado

Mom Receives A “Goodbye Mama” Text Message From Son Killed In Tornado

Jeffrey Hunter last text Goodbye Mama during Arkansas tornado

A mom has a haunting image left in her mind after a deadly tornado took her son’s life after she received a ‘goodbye text’ from him before the tornado struck.

Regina Wood hoped that her son would be alright and make it through the tornado, but unfortunately that was not the case.

On April 27, Jeffrey Hunter sent a text to his mom Regina saying “Goodbye Mama.”

The mother received a number of texts from her son before the startling message, but this was the shocking one that no mother would want to receive.

After that text, Hunter sent another text saying that the tornado was headed right for him.

At this point, Regina possibly attempting to make him feel at ease, replied back with ‘I love you Jeff’ telling him he would “make it.”

Still, Jeffrey Hunter, while hiding in the bathroom sending his texts, was killed in the deadly storm which took a reported total of 15 people lives in Vilonia, Arkansas.

The 22 year-old was a senior at UCA.

While Jeffrey did not survive, his father and step-mother, who were with him in the home ,made it out alive but seriously injured.

Regina Wood last text from son in Arkansas tornado Goodbye Mama

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