Mississippi River Causes Memphis Flooding, Evacuation; Surpasses 1927 Record

Although Memphis weather has gotten better these last few days, many Memphians are preparing or have already evacuated their low-lying areas homes and apartments due to rising waters of the Mississippi River after the recent heavy rain; however, this hasn’t stopped onlookers from getting a closer view throughout the city.

Due to the recent heavy Memphis weather rain, it has caused water to spill over into the Loosahatchie, Wolf River, Big Creek and Nonconnah Creek causing flooding around several areas throughout the Mid-South.

Over the weekend, the Office of Preparedness delivered evacuation notices to over 1,000 homes and apartments which are not mandatory due to certain law restrictions.

Saturday morning, the Memphis Fire Department evacuated and rescued more than 24 individuals at the Rosewood Trailer Park located in Frayser that called for a need of row boats.

According to reports, the river is expected to crest Wednesday at 48 feet where it will reach it’s highest level and begin to drop. Currently the Mississippi River has already surpassed the 1927 record of 45.8. The record set in 1937 was 48.7.

Meanwhile, it is speculated that the state of Louisiana may not see any flooding for around 3 weeks. The rising waters will move on to empty into the Gulf of Mexico.

More showers are expected to hit the Mid-South on Thursday which will be on and off for approximately four days based on the current weather radar.

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