Minimum Wage Strike

Minimum Wages Battle: Workers Nationwide Strike For $15, President Obama Proposes $10

Minimum Wage Strike

Raising the minimum wage has been talked about for quite some time now and legislators still seem to be dragging their feet even though fast-food workers went on strike nationwide on Thursday in hopes of income equality.

Companies like Punch Pizza are setting an example and have already taken matters into their own hands and increased the pay of their more than 300 employees to $10 an hour or more, according to St. Paul Business Journal.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has always been an advocator and long supporter of pay that is liveable and has been pushing for an increase in wages under the Harkin-Miller bill (Fair Minimum Wage Act) along with the Democrats at Captiol Hill.

On Wednesday, President Obama stated that the expanding income and opportunity gap is a threat and risk to the idea that if people work hard, they can get ahead.

On Thursday, workers mostly for McDonalds protested nationwide and chanted, “We can’t survive on 7.25.” As previously reported on, McDonalds received backlash after suggesting that their workers get a second job and use $20 dollars of their paycheck on health. (Read: McDonalds Finance Guide Suggests Workers “Get 2nd Job,” Use $20 a Month On Health)

Most recently, the White House increased its stance on a proposal to increase the federal minimum wage and have been looking at increasing the wages to $10.10.

With the talk of an increase of minimum wage, there is also talks on what will be in it for businesses. Small businesses under a expensing provision, according to NY Times, may benefit from deductions up to $500,000 on equipment and expansions the first year.

Currently, Washington State is stated to have the highest minimum wage at $9.19/hr while places like San Francisco have set their own minimum to $10.55.

As legislators talk about raising the wage up to $10, fast food workers are striking for $15 an hour.

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