Mike Jones, Trae Get Into Altercation At 2008 Ozone Awards, Both Later Apologize

Houston rappers, Mike Jones and Trae The Truth, were involved in an altercation in Houston, Texas during the 2008 Ozone Awards this past Monday which both rappers have now apologized for.

Houston rappers, Mike Jones and Trae The Truth, were involved in an altercation in Houston, Texas during the 2008 Ozone Awards this past Monday.

The altercation happened backstage when allegedly the two rappers were having a conversation about ‘representing Houston’ at which point, Trae, reportedly threw the first punch and hit Jones in the face which both Jones and Trae have somewhat confirmed that much but had somewhat different views as to how and why it happened. Jones was however caught on videotape wiping blood from his face while still exchanging words with the fellow Houston rapper.

According to Jones, Trae’s actions were a publicity stunt and Jones labeled Trae a coward when calling into Houston’s 102 Jams after leaving the award show Monday. As previously stated, Jones also confirmed that Trae initiated the altercation.

“It was a publicity stunt, everybody seen it,” stated Jones. “It was the perfect time to do this and they don’t have to pay for advertising and promotion and they need that.”

“[Trae] came and shook my hand and I guess he was mad cause I called myself ‘The President’….cause I’m the president of H-Town, I run this city,” Jones continued. “After we shook our hands and had out words, I went my way and the next thing you know he snuck up behind me and hit me on my side. And then someone else jumped in and tried to hit me in my nose. But I still got up there on the Ozone Awards and performed.”

Jones added, “I put swangers on a Bentley and that’s something everybody cant do. So everybody mad at me cause I said I’m the president and I’m doing stuff like this. Don’t get mad, get money.”

When asked how he plans to handle the situation, Jones replied “I’m not giving anybody no fame or no publicity. It’s gonna get handled in the streets. I came to the Ozone Awards for my song “Cutty Buddy” and he came from behind my back like a coward. It’s sad we have to talk about this, its sad people plan this so yall can talk about it.”

Jones ended with, “When you sell 2 million your first time out, when you roll Bentley’s on swangers, then you call yourself ‘The President’. Then you can talk. Get your resume up, get your stats up before you come holla at me. Stop hating on me.”

According to Trae’s version of the story, he approached Jones to confront him about calling himself the president and says Jones has lack of representation for the city of Houston.

“The point is man, don’t come disrespecting my city brah,” Trae stated in a video interview following the incident. “You don’t even ride for the city. My ni**a, when people was sh**ting on Houston, like Houston fell off, that ni**a ducked up, curled and went some where. I stayed fighting, like ‘Ni**a this H-Town.’ Everybody respect that about me. That’s why they put me at the forefront of this city brah. Man, out of line. So yeah, he got it. He got it for running his mouth too much man. And I’m talking to him and [between] a barricade just like this — he felt safe to talk from the other side and just don’t know that still got his nose busted.”

In another statement, Jones later apologized for the whole Ozone Awards incident:

“First off before I point any fingers, I personally do want to apologize for the incident that happened at the Ozone Awards. I hope you all don’t get the wrong impression of me or my city. The incident that I was put in was totally unexpected and totally unprofessional. If I knew this was going to happen at a big event such as the Ozone Awards, first, I would not have brought my mother and second, I would have done everything in my power to prevent it. Knowing that this event was big, not only for me and other artist but for the city as a whole; I pray and hope that you the people can see and understand me and the unfortunate situation I was put in. I am aware of how big this event was for the city of Houston and the entire hip hop community. Please know that I had no intention of tarnishing this great opportunity, nor the experiences of those who participated in it. I apologize once again for everything that happened but I cannot apologize for having to defend myself from someone bringing unexpected or un-called violence to me and my family at any time. I apologize once again and I appreciate your support and understanding.”

Which Trae in a statement also, apologized for the Ozone Awards incident as well:

“I have to take the time out to apologize to the kids, and to anyone who follows and supports my career for what happened at the Ozone Awards this past Monday night. I told myself that I was gonna do my best for the new era of the streets not to go through the experiences that I go through in life. For a split second, I almost entertained the little-girl tactics of a person who is really irrelevant nowadays. Things like this happen in life every day and I do not have the time to entertain this any more. I would like the world to tell Mr. Jones that he can thank me later for his split second of fame. Right now, I’ma keep it moving.”

Although the altercation occurred between Mike Jones and Trae, the 2008 Ozone Awards did continue and was deemed a successful awards show with an unfortunate incident.

Watch the video footage following the altercation, and hear what both rappers had to say when they both called into 97.9’s Madd Hatta Morning Show:

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