Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows Vista, is here

Hold tight because Vista is coming. The new Microsoft OS will be available publicly on January 30.

Hold tight because Vista is coming. The new Microsoft OS will be available publicly on January 30.

Companies such as CompUSA is believing sturnly in the OS, and offering customers a guaranteed Windows Vista experience or their money back. Some might question what does this mean? CompUSA stated that customers who purchase Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007 together with installation by CompUSA will enjoy the overall performance and features of Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007 or they will refund the purchase and reinstall the original operating system.

The question is now, how will you know if Vista will run on your computer and you’ll be satisfied? It is recommended that you should have at least a microprocessor with 800mHz speed preferably 1GHZ, 1GB of Ram, a video card with 128MB or more. You also have to have a DVD drive. You’ll also need at least a 80 GB harddrive with 40 GB being the least since Vista is 8GB itself and with all the applications being ran and installed you’d probably want even more. So if you’re running anything less than that, you may need to upgrade or get a new computer because you’ll end up with a slow, sluggish computer.

Also if you’re not into shopping at the store to buy the new Microsoft OS you’ll be able to buy Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 online. This will be the first time Microsoft has decided to provide the option to buy it’s OS in downloadable form without requiring a disc.

The downloadable version will only be available in the US where later it will be available internationally. The price starts at $99.95 and up.

Can’t wait? You can test drive the new Windows Vista online.

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