Jordan Davis shot over loud music

Michael Dunn, Who Shot & Killed Jordan Davis Over Loud Music Found Guilty by Fl. Jury

Jordan Davis shot over loud music

Michael Dunn, who shot and killed 17 year-old Jordan Davis, over loud music was found guilty by a court jury in Florida.

Nine jurors found Dunn guilty of three counts of attempted second-degree murder in the shooting that led to the death of 17 year-old Davis.

Prosecutors will still possibly seek ‘murder’ and not ‘attempted murder’ as Davis died from the gunshots by Michael Dunn.

Apparently, Jordan and his friend were in a red Dodge Durango when Michael Dunn asked them to turn their music down reportedly saying that he could not hear himself think.

Davis’ friend, Tevin Thompson, who was in the front passenger’s seat during the incident, admits that their music was pretty loud and says while his window was up, Jordan’s window was a little down.

Thompson says Dunn seemed upset when he pulled in the parking space next to them shouting for them to turn their music down.

Thompson claims he turned the music down but Davis insisted on turning it back up which led to Dunn and Davis having an argument.

At some point in the argument, Thompson says Dunn asked Davis, “Are you talking to me?” Thompson says Dunn then reached on his side and pulled a silver pistol and fired into the SUV multiple times.

Tommie Stornes, who was driving, backed the SUV up as Dunn kept firing, says Thompson.

They drove to a shopping plaza and did a roll call. Everyone, including Tevin Thompson, Tommie Stornes and Leland Brunson, responded except Jordan Davis, who had been killed from the gunshots.

Dunn attempted to use the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law claiming self defense saying he felt threatened.

Michael Dunn’s defense statement did not stand and the jurors found that Davis posed no threat as well as there were no weapons found in Davis’ vehicle.

Dunn maintains he was acting in self defense while others feel he should be charged with more than attempted murder in the death of Jordan Davis.

Michael Dunn shoots teen for loud music

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