Met Someone Too Good To Be True?

Have you ever met someone that just seem like they were just to good to be true?

Have you ever met someone that just seem like they were just to good to be true? If so, chances are you may be right.

Some people try to swindle their way into your life by seeming so easy going and so willing to help out with whatever problem you come encounter with or already have. With an individual doing these things, it’s hard to believe or picture they can do any wrong, but statistics show that nine times out of ten the person that seems to good to be true has a hidden agenda and it’s only a matter of time before they’re exposed for what they really are.

A way to expose someone you think may be playing a game or seeking a hidden agenda is by asking them to do something or ask for something you really don’t need or want, just to see how they handle it or react to the situation. One of the first signs to look for is unnecessary lying, it’s only so long that they can play the game; so, eventually, they start telling you stories that pretty much don’t add up. One thing about a person with nothing to hide is that they will tell you the truth no matter what, then that way you can accept it however you want. On the other hand the person with the hidden agenda will keep going on lying and avoiding the situation until they eventually have to give up because they run out of excuses and can’t face you because they know or think that you feel they may have let you down.

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