in , , , Exclusive: Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J Interview: It’s Time For A Change – Part 1 conducts an interview with rapper, producer, actor and Academy Award winning music artist Juicy J, co-founder of Three 6 Mafia and Hypnotize Minds. In part one of Juicy J’s interview with’s Jabari Oliver, Juicy J talks about being a hustler til he dies; talks about his new album Hustle Til I Die which ranked #4 on iTunes top rap chart and his new video blog channel; reveals new work he’s doing with rappers out of Memphis, TN; provides details about Three 6 Mafia’s upcoming new cooking show; working in the studio on the highly anticipated forthcoming Three 6 Mafia album with DJ Paul; and goes into detail about why he feels that his hometown Memphis, a city which has been broke up for years, according to Juicy J, needs to come together and what he’s willing to do to help and more.

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Juicy J also goes on to reveal that there’s a new Lil Wyte album, a new Yung D album and a new Project Pat album coming as well.

Following answering a rumor about Three 6 Mafia possibly working with longtime rival Yo Gotti, a rumor which Juicy J denies, Juicy J states that he’s not hating on anyone and goes into detail:

“Mayne, I’m feeling all Memphis rappers locally, all of them,” Juicy J told regarding rap artists that’s not with Hypnotize Minds. “I’m not hating on nobody, you gotta get yo money… Three 6 Mafia, we’ve done our thang, we’ve moved on — If I can, I’ll reach back and help…”

“I ain’t hating on nobody, I think that — I hope that one day Memphis can come together and try to stick together…,” the Academy Award-winning music artist Juicy J added.

“I know it’s gon’ be hard to do but.. as of right now, if I can have a say so, I would try to be a part of the movement to bring the city together, it’s been broke up so much…,” Juicy J reveals in his interview.

Coming up in part 2 of the exclusive audio with Juicy J, which will be online tomorrow (June 25), he goes on to talk about how talented his hometown of Memphis is and speaks about the “time for a change” revealing that’s it’s not the 90’s anymore, “it’s 2009,” Juicy J says about it and more.

“I think it’s time for n-ggas to start trying to mend those old wounds, heal those old wounds, once again, it’s gon be hard,” Juicy J re-iterates.

PLUS Juicy J talks about his relationship with Atlanta rap artist Gucci Mane; talks about flying to ATL to work on the 30 Inches remix which also features Project Pat after talking with Gucci Mane who called him from jail; talks even more about Memphis, the talent within it and how it’s time to work together, put egos to the side and stick together and more.

Logon on tomorrow (June 25) for an exclusive listen as you won’t want to miss what Juicy J says and asks in the rest of his interview!

For now, check out Juicy J’s Interview with – Pt. 1 by double clicking the video audio player.

Juicy J, of Three 6 Mafia, Exclusive Interview with – PART 1 – conducts an interview with rapper and producer Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia.

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  1. whole moral- this is what ive been waitin for. juicy j bein the bigger man on this industry. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL! ::: he been the bigger man in it along with 3 6. they make great muzikk and beatzz which give them the originality of the muzikk.

  2. as i do have family in memphis i lookk up to my favorite rappers of all time, they are more than rappers they developed a self made lifestyle. Not hating on noone on trackks and s--t however you know you got to be fierce with lyrics, hearing some reply trackks y’know i wont say names lets call them the “studio gangstas” tahaha .. anyways the studio gangstas take a wide variety of triple 6 trackk names and lyrics straight uuup! its disgusting how they could do this , as we know. three 6 go hard for they city puttin them on the grammy list for the rap game. we kknow what the triple 6 is about they dont lackk! they gettin it and me as a listener i like to know what others dont so i do read whats goin on so when a mutha fuckka try dissin anyone from h c p i blow backk with a .. i dont even have to say it. dont even be gettin mad i know 3 6 will be playin in my ears for life. MIDWEST FO FOR LIFE. re itterated-i got fam from the ten. mad love, shout outs to the n a p. some of the bigga figgas from my city dont rap right now cuz they on at $$$ s--t and yes i fuckks wit em shout out 317 yung vets r ip strykker. r i p the old ways of the n a p vets. lets get it. (i dont rap, i rhyme to pass time and stack to get that isley and 6 bangin in my ride)


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