Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission Host New Indie Radio Show with K97’s Devin Steel

Al Kapone Radio Interview
Photo credits: Richie Domino

Yo what up readers this ya boy GT and I got a chance to sit in on the newest radio show in da city called Indie Radio which airs on WHRK twice a month on Saturday @ 10 a.m.. “Memphis needs more shows to expose Memphis artists since we are the next on the amp to blow,” says Devin Steel. This is not just a show for artist but for producers and industry executives as well. This will open eyes to the general public about Memphis rap meaning it’s also educational. If you have any ideas on shows, call, email or see Devin Steel or contact the Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission.

Now this show featured one of the pioneers of Memphis rap, Mr. Lyrical Drive-By himself, aka Mr. Hustle n Flow Al Kapone. I got plenty plenty much respect and love for this mayne cuz he’s like one the pioneers in Memphis that’s still doing his thang. With new singles Grey Goose and What they doin’ featuring Yo Gotti, it’s no reason why Al is still in da Game.

“It takes a single six months to a year to blow up,” says Kapone. “Some people think you have to leave your city to blow and get noticed, it works both ways though. I started out hustling my music in Memphis then I went out to Da Bay (West Coast) and pushed my music out there. I saw a lot of artists out there Huslting n Flowing so dats how I came out with the album ‘From Memphis to da Bombed out Bay’. Mix tapes are always and forever will be good for unknown artists to get a name for themselves in the streets. You gotta give something away for free and yo music can’t be no garbage. Artists look at me as one the pioneers dat opened the doors here in Memphis but I don’t expect the love even though they show me love. My love for the Game keeps me in the Game and keeps me in tune or updated with the Game, cause I can’t be trying to do Memphis 1991 in 2006 ya know what I’m sayin? It just wouldn’t work. UGTV still comes on the public access station. My n---a Lit holding it down. I’ve always had a nationwide appeal ya know? I want my s--t to sound like Dre mayne. I feel dat we in Memphis need to really focus on promotion cause dats da key to your album gettin noticed.”

Mayne dats some good info for all ya’ll up and coming artists out there.

Now I asked Kapone a few names and he told me whether they got potential to be nationwide:

Starting with the King of Funkytown, Playa Fly:

Kapone Says: “Whenever he get out of jail. Fly shoulda been Nationwide mayne, he got da potential and everything, but his legal issues keep holding him back.

King of da Playa’s Ball, Skinny Pimp:

Kapone Says: “Skinny shoulda been nationwide. Though he needs dat sound again, but he got some stuff coming out dats gone blow ya mind fa sho’.

Self Proclaimed Queen of Memphis, Lady Gangsta Boo:

Kapone Says: Boo and Chat got star appeal but ya know Boo came in da game with Paul and Juicy and people are use to hearing her on their beats so I dont know mayne. Boo needs to get that sound.

Orange Mound Representer DJ Squeeky:

Kapone Says: Squeeky is more of a Super Producer than a rapper mayne. Now if you go back to when it was The Family with Crim, Thugsta, Yo Lynch, Tom Skee, Yeah! But Squeeky is a Super Producer.

King of da North, Yo Gotti:

Kapone says: I was wondering where the future of Memphis rap was heading mayne and was kinda gettin nervous til Gotti broke out and sparked. He is very vital to the game right now mayne. Like a Saviour of Memphis rap and he is the future.

Pioneer of da M, Al Kapone:

Kapone says: LOL! I’m in talks with some people but I ain’t gone go for nothing less than what I want, ya dig. In da meantime go get them mixtapes in stores now and check out and thank you Memphis for the love and support.

Contact Information

Send music & inquiries to:

Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission
ATTN: Indie Radio
47 Union Ave
Memphis, TN, 38104

Memphis Sound Records/Shay Dawg Entertainment
ATTN: Indie Radio
PO Box 281148
Memphis, Tn 38168

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