Memphis `Rappers making profitable choices` says Bill Ellis of GoMemphis

Catching up with Three 6 Mafia’s ubiquitous music projects is like trying to keep tabs on the late Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’s illegitimate children. There’s always another one making claim.

“We’ve been holding it down all this time, says Juicy “J” (Jordan Houston). “Now the movie’s blown up..

..filmed in 15 days in Memphis and Los Angeles this time last year – with rap director Nick Quested (Trick Daddy, G. Dep). Their budget? An astoundingly low $26,000, a pittance by film industry standards but all the better to turn a profit on.

DJ Paul & Juicy J”It was nothing,” says Juicy.. “We had decided to make a movie back in ’97, ’98..” “We had the name Choices and then we took it on from there.

“The only thing about the acting it was like 16, 17, 18 hours a day,” says DJ Paul (Paul Beauregard). “In the studio, it ain’t. In acting, you’re on a schedule; in the studio, we pretty much do what we want to do. In acting, you gotta be there when they say be there ’cause those camera crews are like $5,000 an hour. You gotta listen to the rules when you’re doing a movie.”

Having learned the ropes on Choices, Paul and Juicy say they are ready for their next movie..

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