PHOTO: Rapper Dirty White

Memphis Rapper Survives 2 Gunshots To The Head

PHOTO: Rapper Dirty White

On Monday evening, Dirty White spoke with by phone and talked about being shot and surviving multiple gun shots to the head.

Early Monday morning rumors were circulating that Memphis rapper Dirty White, born Steven Berryman, had been allegedly shot and survived multiple gun shots to the head. On Monday evening, Dirty White spoke with by phone and talked about the incident which, according to Dirty White, has left him partially deaf in one ear. The rapper indeed was shot by what police have identified as a .40 caliber gun and was hit by two bullets in the head. According to Dirty White, one bullet is still lodged in his head and the other bullet passed straight through his head.

“I don’t know if it was road rage or if someone was out to get me,” Dirty White told “It seemed as though they were trying to shoot me. My girl was in the car with me, but fortunately she wasn’t hit. Earlier before it happened she did almost cut someone off in the car, so I don’t know if this was road rage or something else. I don’t really have any beefs with anybody really,” added Dirty White.

The rapper went on to state that he does have a lot of people hating on him, but he can’t believe that a person would have so much beef with him that they would want to shoot him. The incident which occurred just a day ago happened at Winchester and Hwy 51 in between the Whitehaven and Airport area of South Memphis, TN.

When asked what they (the police) are doing about the incident, Dirty White stated that the police seem to be harassing him more than listening to him and what he had to say. “Police have been giving me hell like I’m up to something or lying,” Dirty White told

When asked how he was feeling, amazingly, the rapper just stated, “I’m still alive and kicking, I’m just dealing with a big headache.”

Dirty White is expecting to be returning back to the hospital for the doctors to check on him in the following weeks. “I got to go back like in the next 3 weeks or so, to check on my ear because I loss some of my hearing. I don’t know if I’m gonna sound different when I record, but I hope that everything comes out right,” Dirty White stated in regards to returning back to the studio which the rapper claims he wants to do in the next day or so.

Though recently reported that Dirty White was signed to Glamourocke Records/Universal Music Group under the watch of then President of A&R RJ Groove, the rapper told that he and both RJ Groove (now A&R at a new home) are now working with the Streetz On Lock movement, home to artists such as Calico Jonez and others.

The rapper states that, following this incident, he has a new outlook on life and is more thankful for what he has and the people who have and still support him.

“I’ve been amazed at the love and support shown from everyone (regarding the shooting) and I’m thankful for them and just thankful to still be here,” stated Dirty White.

During the conversation with, Dirty White also stated that he is definitely looking forward to recording a song about this life threatening and life changing experience.

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