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Memphis Rapper/Producer Mr. Sche Claims No Part In Three 6 Mafia Diss Song

Memphis rapper/producer Mr. Sche aka Big Sche Eastwood

Recently, posted a song, entitled Goblin (Three 6 Mafia diss), by artist Trigga Mane featuring Memphis rap artists, Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Mr. Sche. Since posting the controversial song, which was a hip hop diss aimed at Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia, word got back to artist Mr. Sche who reached out to to inform fans that he had no idea the song was going to be a Three 6 Mafia diss and he was mis-informed by artist Trigga Mane who he claims took a song he [Mr. Sche] featured on, and the song was “turned into a Three Six Mafia diss after” he was featured.

Mr. Sche, in his exclusive interview with, revealed his side of the truth and details of the Three 6 Mafia diss song and expresses his respect for what Three 6 Mafia does and has done. Mr. Sche, whose features and production credits include names such as 8 Ball, Project Pat, T Rock, Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, Pastor Troy, Al Kapone, Tom SkeeMask, Gangsta Blac, Koopsta Knicca, Gille Da Kid, Paul Wall, Lil Jon, Trae The Truth, Trey Songz, Black Eyed Peas, Skinny Pimp, T.I., and more, goes on to admit that though Three 6 Mafia’s “personal character may have been ‘unacceptable’ to others,” they were still a musical influence that quote “paved the way” along with “others like 8 Ball, Squeeky, Gangsta Pat, etc.” for artists such as himself and others despite the “rumors about them and what they have supposedly done to many of their former artists.”

Sche goes on to talk about why he feels artists like 8 Ball, Three 6 Mafia, and others leave and left the city of Memphis to make it big, how he knows and knew Paul “DJ Paul” from his old neighborhood, his upcoming projects, how artists should start talking about more than just “stunning” and bragging and showcasing their “chains,” the music Industry in Memphis from artists to Memphis DJs and more.

Check out the full interview with Memphis rapper/producer Mr. Sche. What’s up Sche, what have you been up to? Why haven’t you touched down with us in awhile?

Mr. Sche aka Big Sche Eastwood

Mr. Sche: I’ve been working my a-s off. No Joke. Running a studio and label, taking care of my family, & staying positive and productive. I’ve been so wrapped up into hustling & grinding I’ve hardly made contact with the “outside” world…I’ve been UNDERGROUND fa real staying afloat in these perilous times, making sure me and my loved ones eat. Ok, I’ll get right to the point, you contacted us about a song titled Goblin posted to which you and Skinny Pimp are featured on. The song was a Three 6 Mafia diss but your verse in the song didn’t really go at Three 6 Mafia, what’s the 411 on that song?

Mr. Sche: I was contacted to do a feature on this song, and I agreed. I knew the concept and topic. It was generally about fake a-s perpetrating n-ggas in the game. I’m like cool, easy subject, cause that’s over 85% of muthaf-ckas I know just in this city ALONE..If the shoe fit, then its not my fault if my verse fitted the description of your favorite rapper or person. But this song wasn’t “labeled” as a 36 Mafia diss when I originally featured on it. It was turned into a 36 Mafia Diss AFTER I featured, and that’s BOGUS because I have nothing against these dudes, and I have no reason to be dissing them. I don’t do CD Beef, I handle it face it face to face. That s--t childish and I’m bigger than dissing n-ggas on CDs. So you had no idea it was going to be released as a Three 6 Mafia diss song?

Mr. Sche: Not at all. If I had known I wouldn’t have featured on this track. A n-gga can talk about who he want, I don’t knock that. If he want to make a diss track about 36 Mafia or whoever, hey do what you do. Just don’t put me in the sh-t . That sh-t lame and bogus to me and it shows low character. I have a reputation of being “REAL.” A lot of people don’t know what that means, but the first definition of being “REAL” is being grown up. Who didn’t grow up bumping 36 Mafia back in the day? You’d be a fool to not acknowledge that these dudes paved the way, as well as others like 8 Ball, Squeeky, Gangsta Pat, etc. Although their personal character may have been “unacceptable” to others, 36 Mafia’s musical influence inspired many, including myself.

Big Sche Eastwood

Mr. Sche: Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be modest to the rumors about them and what they have supposedly done to many of their former artists, but they ain’t did s--t to me, so I don’t care. That sound like some personal issues these cats need to settle themselves. They might be as bad as people say, they may not be, who cares. How they living does not affect my life. I make my own way out here. Yeah, when you contacted us, you said that he wasn’t from Memphis, so how exactly did you end up meeting him?

Mr. Sche: He contacted me just as many others contact me, online or my phone. We talked business and took it from there. He told me about a lot of s--t that supposedly went down with them and 36 mafia, and wanted me to feature on some songs. I’m like this, I don’t care what you got against another man, as long as we good that’s all that matters. But don’t ask me to diss some cats with you. That’s your own personal Vendetta, and I wont fight another man’s battle. I’m a leader, and I follow no one.

Mr. Sche: What gets me though, how most n-ggas sit up and relentlessly diss a person on CD, and never take any real action. That’s why I don’t do fake sh-t like that. See, 2PAC & BIGGIE, THAT WAS REAL. You want to know why that was real?? CAUSE THEY BOTH DEAD. I’ve seen the ongoing disses from many artists talking 36 this and 36 that, but ain’t nobody died yet….so why you keep running ya mouth? That’s why I’m underground, I do my own thing and I stay away from this fake a-s industry bullsh-t these n-ggas is on! The people that contacted you about the song after it was posted, what did they say to you and what was you first reaction?

Mr. Sche: N----s was like “SCHE, why are you jumping on the diss 36 Mafia band wagon?” Im like what the f-ck is you talking about? So I was outraged because as I stated, I’m BIGGER than this. And for one I don’t start fights, I END THEM. This is not how I conduct myself out here by lighting fires for no reason, or for some quick attention or fame. You n-ggas can keep the fame, just show me where the money at. For n-ggas who still disssing them, its really time to lay that sh-t to rest. If yall ain’t gone go kill the n-ggas, shut the f-ck up! These n----s done won grammys and some more s--t…ain’t nothing else you can say about these dudes! Move on to something new! And that goes for anybody dissing anyone on CD. Grow the f-ck up. If 36 Mafia called any of you n-ggas and was like “dog lets be friends and do a song together, yall n-ggas would break yall gad-mn necks trying to get to their studio to record that song with Paul or Jordan! So, do you know anyone personally with Three 6 Mafia?

Mr. Sche

Mr. Sche: Yea, I know Paul and Jordan. I talked with Jordan on the set of Hustle & Flow when we was in the trailor during movie sets. I’ve known Paul from 96 back in high school when he use to come to the Bimbos over Chester house in Black Have with Ricky in that cut off Box Chevy. I was a lil young n-gga at the time, and he was already a lot older doing his thing when we was just starting to get into the Memphis rap scene.

Mr. Sche: And as far as the former members, of course I know all of them. I got songs with them and have done tracks for several of them. Gangsta Blac, Koopsta, Skinny Pimp, La Chat and of course the VENDETTA project me and T-Rock got together. So what kind of steps do you think you’ll take in the future to avoid anything like that again? Like your features being wrongly placed or anything like that?

Mr. Sche: As long as there are people, there will always be conflict. Question is.. it’s what will I do after something like this should ever arise again, and that’s simply speaking on it and stopping that fire before it burns the house down. Alot of bullsh-t can be put to rest by simply being diplomatic about sh-t. It’s just business, and n-ggas have a bad habit of making sh-t personal. They have a false sense of pride that they are trying to protect. Look around, we aint got sh-t to be proud of! We value material life before human life, and n-ggas dying over titles that carry no weight. So we’re glad we could get your side of the story in the clear and the facts are out in the open. Other than this controversy you now cleared up, what’s going on with Mr. Sche right now?

Mr. Sche: I’m working on several projects, producing for some big names, and hustling. That’s all I do, besides take care of home, and even that’s a job inside of a job. I keep to myself for the most, cause n-ggas aint sh-t nowadays. And with the failing society and system, you’re gonna find more crossers than ever coming from the very center of your own organization. Instead of coming together in the time of crisis, n-ggas think about themselves, and that’s the sh-t that got us over here working these cotton fields in the first place 400 years ago. For those who don’t know, you can always get the latest on me at my site – What’s your take on the rap scene right now?

Photo of Mr. Sche aka Big Eastwood

Mr. Sche: That’s a question that’s beyond its meaning…but personally I don’t even keep up with the “RAP GAME.” I was at an event just a past few weeks ago, and some young cats came on stage rapping talking about “they shinning and they stunning.” They was throwing money around on stage and showcasing their “chains.” And I was saying to myself, don’t they realize that the world they holding on to is dead? THAT BLING BLING WORLD. Have they not seen the news the past year or so? I just don’t partake in this sh-t. Its meaningless now. I’ve always been a realist, and I proved you don’t have to be an idiot to be successful. I can’t expect n-ggas to rap about what I talk about, and fa sure being hardcore and gangsta is not what makes you real. But there are a lot of things you can relate on besides “stunning” & bragging about what you got. I don’t know if you’ve noticed personally or not but the Industry in Memphis is picking up a lot and there are a lot of people coming together, a lot of cats who’ve paved their way outside of the city are now showing love back to the city like Drumma Boy, Memphitz, Ball & G, what’s your take on the love now in the city and is there anything new (features, etc..) going on with you and others in the city?

Mr. Sche: Like I said, I keep to myself for the most. I will work with anyone who wants to work with me, and conduct business like men. I’ve heard that some of the cats here in Memphis are trying to bring people together, but it wont last. N-ggas are going to bite the hand that feeds them no matter what you do for them. Good or Bad. The best thing to do is do you, put your family first and don’t worry bout these untrustworthy a-s n-ggas. Because if you hanging around a n-gga and you got more than him, before long he’s gonna want to have more than you, and he will cut you to get it. I’ve worked with a lot of names, big and small. And usually, I’m in and out. You can’t make friends out here. I wish them the best of luck and would like to see that “fairytale” of unity actually happen. But n-ggas will play a role until they get able enough to destroy that relationship. You almost have to keep that “carrot and stick” in front of a n---a, just to keep him in check.

Mr. Sche: I use to always hear n-ggas complaining about cats like 8 Ball, 36, ETC not coming back to the hood and giving. WHY? The first chance a n-gga get, they will attack their character and them personally. When you make it, YOU CANT COME BACK. N-ggas hate the fact that you done did something that they are too lazy to do themselves. Half the time they don’t even want to be in your shoes….THEY JUST DON’T WANT YOU TO BE IN THEM. How about DJ’s supporting from within, have you noticed them reaching out to support the city and artists in it?

Memphis rapper/producer Mr. Sche aka Big Eastwood

Mr. Sche: Well, I get calls from a lot of DJs for drops and new songs. But like I said, that choke hold is on society now, so n-ggas taking drastic measures to stay afloat. N-ggas doing sh-t they normally wouldn’t for the simple fact, IT’S HARD OUT HERE, AND ITS ABOUT TO GET WORSE.  I remember back in the day when DJs would be like “GET ME SOME VINYL,” I’ll play yo sh-t. You had over half the city trying to get vinyl, and the sh-t was NOT cheap. And you probably wouldn’t need no more than 10 or 20 actual LPs to hand out, but then you stuck with over 900 pieces of vinyl, and empty pockets because you done spent yo last pressing up 1000 unnecessary pieces of Vinyl and they STILL DIDN’T PLAY YO SONG! But I gave up on that fake a-s world so long ago…so I don’t know whats going on in the “industry.” I keep it underground. What’s next for Mr Sche?

Mr. Sche: Man,…..hopefully I can still retire young. I need a gad-mn vacation. But I gotta keep getting this money while its coming. I’m still doing the music I love for the love. Still dropping Cds. Still making tracks. Still running my studio. Still Macking. Still not loving these h--s and staying strapped for the road. But the next big project I got coming is with T ROCK. It’s called VENDETTA RELOADED. Also me and Al Kapone got another one called SHOWDOWN RELOADED that’s out now as well. I got a bunch of undergrounds that just dropped like I AM LEGEND AND STREET CREDIT. I just did some more sh’t with Al Kapone and Craig Brewer as well…they shot a lot of scenes out of my studio for the new movie he got coming called “$5 cover.” Well, thanks for touching down with us. Any final words?

Yall already know what kinda sh-t I’m on, its either Gangsta, Pimpin or Real. That’s all I can be, cause that’s all I know. Get at me. Stay Real.  Preciate the time M-TOWN!  -1-
And for anyone needing to get at me about some real business:
Mr.Sche – 901 864 2487
P.O.Box 172046
Memphis, Tn 38187

Listen to Mr. Sche’s new single “Work My A-s Off”

Mr Sche – Work My A-s Off

Photo of Memphis rapper and producer Mr. Sche aka Big Eastwood

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  1. TC shut yo corny a-s up. Sche bout one of the realist I know and I know if he was dissin them he woulda said so. bein the trill n---a he is he cleared that up. its like sayin u shot somebody and u didnt. why fake it? im sure if he actually had beef like he said, somebody would be dead and he wouldnt be dissin dudes on cd. corny a-s boi

  2. Who are you TC and what do you know?? Mr. Sche is about as honeast as you ever gona get. So take your mouf an a-s on!!

  3. One question Mr. Sche. Did you lay down your verse before, Trigga Mane and Skinny or after? I heard it was after, which means you knew good and well, they was dissin’ 3-6. You DID diss them fools, and then flipped it talkin about it was a general diss not at 3-6. Like you say “If the shoe fit, then its not my fault if my verse fitted the description of your favorite rapper or person.” B------t on that one. It fits because you HEARD Trigga and Skinny’s verses, THEN LAID YOUR VERSE.
    You knew what the deal was. What did Craig’s girl offa Friday say?? “You aint got to LIE, Craig, You ain’t got to LIE”

  4. trigga mane didnt deny dissin’ those fools. If the song is just called “Goblins” errybody cool. If somebody put “Three-Six Diss” at the end, tryin’ to hype s--t. yall mad. cause yall on they d--k. Mr. Sche’s verse fit right on in perfect as hell, even he said AFTER the s--t was done “Three-Six Diss” was added. Trigga Mane say the same thang. That bein said they prolly cool right now with MORE MUSIC on the bubble. Its sad that yall all tender hearted over these n----s, cause yall on they d--k

  5. gotta give props 2 sche 4 being real n stayin true 2 dis s--t. i’m from bermuda, a rapper n producer myself n three 6 mafia r living legends down here. three 6 4 life iz all i can say. i got mad love 4 memphis rappers ecspecially the old hypnotize minds. t rock, la chat, project pat, scarecrow, k rock, etc…. all of ya’ll have influenced me n u all have natural born talent. i hope everything goes well with all of your careers cause u all hot like lava. from bermuda 2 memphis, stay up n letz get dis cheese.

  6. all i know is i fucks with Sche’s music, and i’ve always f----d with Three6Mafia’s music. Anyone who says that Three6 doesn’t drop anymore good music…you’re f-----g ridiculous. LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE, they STILL put out dope s--t. Nobody reworks a soul sample like Juicy J & Paul! Their sound is NOTORIOUS and is a blueprint for the Dirty South.

    Sche’s just as dope. I am not from Memphis, so i’ve only known about Sche’s for around 3 years, but dude is raw and i’m feelin’ his music/style/beats. i f--k with it. dude seems really smart and is all business.

    i’d like to see these dudes do a track together. Why can’t memphis be like Texas and get together to get that paper??? i’d love to hear a Yo Gotti & Three 6 Mafia track…but we all know that will never happen…

  7. It’s a trip…folks been tryin to get tha Lowlife to back em in they little “battle rap beef” for years. Mane that s--t old…we ain’t got time to deal wit no nonsence beef wit niggaz who we ain’t got no real problems wit. And for tha record…like Sche said…”we don’t talk behind a n---a back, we say it to ya face”.

  8. as i seen, that is not me who posted the song with the diss entitled, that song was entitled goblins, and i knew Sche’s verse had nothing to do with them. i have had issues with them and the way they did some of there artists, but i would not include someone’s name without there consent. as u can see i have project pat on my album so there is no anamosity. to all my fans YOU know who the real trigga mane is to the haters who judge books by there covers. kill ya selfs

  9. whoooo weeee thats a fine a-s n---a right there! mr.sche ill be yo mrs.sche any day! anyway skinny pimp always mad at sumebody for his own personal failure and as far as triggamane, who da f--k is this corny a-s white boi?

  10. BigUp’s to Sche! he’s THÉ REALEST out there who keeps it real all the way!

    Keep on doing your thing homie!


  11. Mr. Sche is a Legend! It’s bad business, bad morals, and bad career move to do shady behind the back moves like this…It’s not needed. As an artists/ceo myself and someone that greatly looks up to Big Sche Eastwood, Dissing on record is a show of weakness in my eyes, so i feel 100% what he is expressing here. If it is a personal beef, bet, say what ya want, but if you have no action behind your speech, then that makes you a DUCK….rappers aren’t real, I luv rap music but damn, every rapper a murderer and drug dealer?? I tell cats rap about what you know, if your a mechanic during the day and rapper by night, rap about engines and s--t, do you and express your knowledge to the world with wordplay and flavor…Big ups to Sche, who I’d say is the realest cat I know in the music biz!!!

  12. Yeah I agree with Mr. Sche too,but really Dj Paul and
    Juicy J is orginal gangstas.Three 6 mafia is real,go hard and won’t go home,so all the haters need to do is
    shut the f--k up,f--k n----s!!!!

  13. agrees with sche 100% although i think paul and juicy some certified h--s still. but i feel where sche comin from tho.

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