Photo of controversial radio/TV host Thaddeus Matthews

Memphis Radio Host Thaddeus Matthews Arrested For “Liking” Woman’s Facebook Status

Thaddeus Matthews

Controversial Memphis radio talk show host Thaddeus Matthews was arrested after he reportedly clicked the Facebook ‘like’ button on a post by a woman who reportedly had a restraining order against him.

Towanna Murphy reportedly turned Matthews in to police claiming Matthews had ‘liked’ something on her Facebook page that she posted via SocialCam.

Matthews, who reportedly had a previous relationship with Ms Murphy, claims that the police who arrested him “had to be an idiot,” the talk show host told LocalMemphis.

Matthews claims that Murphy is using social media to basically seek out revenge against him for being taken off his TV show.

Matthews says he actually wasn’t arrested, still the radio host, according to records, was booked and released the same day on a $1,000 bond.

Thaddeus Matthews, who turned himself in on Tuesday, had an arrest warrant stating he violated the restraining order by ‘liking’ a video on Murphy’s page, not once but twice.

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