Jaselyn Grant police

Memphis Police Officer Who Killed Her Wife Charged With Murder, Family Speaks Out

Jaselyn Grant police

Jaselyn Grant, the Memphis police officer, who fatally shot her wife, 29 year-old Keara Crowder, has been charged with second-degree murder and now Crowder’s family has spoken out.

It was around 5:00 AM last Wednesday when police arrived at a home on Bassett Hall Drive off Germantown Rd when they discovered off-duty MPD officer Jaselyn Grant along with Keara Crowder at the home.

Grant and Crowder apparently got into an argument when Grant fired shots at Crowder which officers found Crowder lying in the front yard of the home.

Crowder was rushed to the hospital but was later pronounced dead at 2PM.

Grant was found uninjured and in possession of her service weapon which was the reported weapon used in the fatal shooting.

Authorities say that Grant not only fired shots at Crowder but also found out that she allegedly shot at Crowder’s 12 year-old son.

At some point during the domestic argument, Grant allegedly brought out two guns to apparently settle their disagreement with violence.

During the heated moment, both Grant and Crowder where allegedly holding the guns as Crowder told her 12 year-old son to run.

Upon hearing shots fired, the 12 year-old turned around to come back and that’s when the boy allegedly witnessed Grant shooting at him.

Soon after being detained Grant claimed self-defense, resigned from the force and was charged with attempted murder for shooting at Crowder’s son.

Following Crowder’s death, the charge was increased to second-degree murder.

Jaselyn Grant and Keara Crowder

Crowder, who moved from Chicago to Memphis, and Grant were reportedly married in another state. Crowder’s mother and sister say her young son is now their main focus.

Crowder’s family says Keara was a leader and they looked up to her and have informed her son not to give up on life because his mom is no longer around. The family is assuring the young son that he still has their love while adding that his mom would want him to move on.

The family plans to go back to Chicago for Crowder’s funeral arrangements as Jaselyn Grant remains in jail on $500,000 bond while awaiting a December 18th court date.

Keara Crowder

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