Officer Meeko Evans accused of stopping and fondling Memphis woman
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Memphis Police Officer Charged After Allegedly Fondling Woman During Traffic Stop

Officer Meeko Evans accused of stopping and fondling Memphis woman

A police officer in Memphis has been placed on the wrong side of the law after being accused by a woman of fondling her breast while in the back of his police squad car.

Officer Meekos Evans is accused of pulling a 30 year-old woman over during a random traffic stop for a minor traffic violation back in February where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

The woman claims Officer Evans stopped her and told her to pull over where little traffic was.

After being pulled over at East Wind Drive and Raines Rd in Whitehaven, the woman says she told Officer Evans that she didn’t have a driver’s license .

She then claims Evans put her in the back of his police squad car and questioned her about what was she going to do for him, followed by telling her to show her breasts to him.

After pulling her top down but not all the way, she says he reportedly told her he wanted “to see it all.”

Allegedly forcing her to fully reveal her breasts, the woman claims that Officer Meekos Evans fondled her before he finally let her go free.

Following the alleged assault, the woman reported Officer Meekos Evans a few days later after picking him out of a line-up of officers who were assigned to the Raines Rd area.

Evans, who has been on suspension with pay since February, was charged with sexual assault and is currently out on bond while awaiting an administrative hearing.

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