Memphis Mom Punches Teen Bully Amidst Bullying Suicides (Amanda Todd, Felicia Garcia)

A Memphis mother was arrested after taking bullying into her own hands when she faced her daughter’s alleged bully at a local grocery store in Germantown, Tennessee. Meredith Phillip Ross, allegedly punched a 17 year-old girl while in the self checkout lane at Kroger on Exeter Rd.

According to WREG, police reports state that the mother cornered the teen who was with her boyfriend and punched the young teen in her face knocking her to the ground.

Customers and employees who witnessed the incident called 911 and Germantown Police showed up to the scene.

According to police, Ross’ daughter had an on-going fight with the alleged bully and felt her daughter was being bullied and took matters into her own hands.

Parents of the young teen girl accused of bullying Meredith Phillip Ross’ daughter are reportedly anticipating their day in court. spoke with a sociologist who stated that Ross had the responsibility to take a course of action starting with the school, if the teen is still in high school. She could have then contacted the board if the school wouldn’t have acted on her complaint. By Ross acting on her own, she displayed to her daughter that she is no better than the young girl that was bullying her, the sociologist says.

With the recent bullying that’s surfacing that’s reportedly leading teens to commit suicide such as Amanda Todd and Felicia Garcia, as covered on, the question of what should parents do to deal with bullying of their child is definitely one that should be addressed.

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  1. Yeah yeah yeah, the mom was no better than the bully….blah blah blah.

    Here’s the big difference. If a bully is going to humiliate and intimidate someone, they better be ready to face up to consequences when someone is ready to FIGHT BACK. Never underestimate a parent’s anger.

    You go, Ms. Ross.

  2. Gotta love the “socialogists” take on the matter. These therapists live in a bubble of harmony. Unfortunately, life is lived outside of a textbook, and people are just tired of not being heard.

    I applaud Ms. Ross for taking a stance and sending a message. Hope the one shot she landed to this punk’s face connected with all four knuckles. The only shame in this is that Ms. Ross didn’t get land a few more punches.

    Ross will no doubt be prosecuted for assault, but she made her point. She sent a message, loud and clear to the idiots of the world, that if you bully the wrong person, payback can come at any time.

    Better to get punched in the face by the bullied’s mother, then have the buillied come to school and take you out with a Tech 9.

    Kudos, Ms. Ross!!!

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