Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton: The Hip Hop Community Responds

The Memphis Hip Hop community responds to Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton’s resignation announcement. The Hip-Hop Community is voicing it’s opinion and thoughts in the wake of Mayor Herenton’s announcement about possibly resigning come July of 2008.

In the wake of Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton’s announcement about possibly resigning come July 2008 in hopes of returning as Superintendent, the Hip-Hop Community has stepped in to voice its opinion and thoughts. Mayor Willie Herenton who was a former Superintendent for almost 2 decades has expressed interest in wanting to return to helping the youth and structure. If he’s not given the job, Herenton states that he’ll just stay in office as Mayor.

In light of Mayor Willie Herenton’s announcement of his possible resignation, at a time when the city of Memphis desperately needs leadership in the right direction, the Memphis hip-hop community has mostly remained optimistic.

Producer Drummer Boy (Young Jeezy, Plies, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, DJ Drama, Gorilla Zoe, Juvenile): I support Mayor Herenton and I hate that he’s leaving office, but I also support A.C. Wharton. My main concern is that whoever replaces Mayor Herenton has the same vision to help progress the city.

Rapper Kinfolk Kia Shine: I’m not in his position, BUT I do know that with great power comes great responsibility, and alot of stress, and opinions. I know Mayor Herenton personally and I’m sure he made the best decision for him and his family. Politics as Usual.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp: I hope that whoever fills Herenton’s position can better fix the problems even the ones about closing down some of the libraries and community centers in neighborhoods. I want to see more information and knowledge presented to the inner city youth. As far as computers and their accessibility and access to the information, the youth need to be able to relate to what’s going on not only inside of Memphis, but outside as well.

President at the Memphis Grammy Chapter, Grammy nominated songwriter and rapper/producer Al Kapone (Alkatraz Productions): I saw Mayor Herenton on the news talking about a visit he made to Juvenile Court and how he was touched by his encounter with the juvenile inmates; he said that made a major impact on him wanting to work more with the youth and stepping down from his elected position. Based on that, I think that’s honorable of him to want to do that, somebody like him from the ghetto that became successful outside of sports and entertainment should show more presence in the inner city.

Partee (Gain Green Entertainment): I think Mayor Herenton has a big plan for improving the youth in Memphis and he figures the best way to get the kids is through education.

Mac E (Nu Talent Records/MJG Music): As far as it goes, I support Memphis and any positive direction that this can help it go in.

Miscellaneous (Mob Ties Records): I can understand Herenton and I support him. I feel that he might have had a lot of things on his shoulders and who ever fills his position, I hope that they have the same visions and want to see Memphis grow as a highly recognized city.

Donald “Teflon Don” Askew (Winner of the January 2008 Showcase): I think Dr. Herenton is a well-likable person who always kept it real with the media no matter what type of questions they had for him. People criticized him, but everyone in power or who withholds any position will encounter hatred instead of positive responses. This is what keeps our community down, the hatred. Dr. Herenton, we will miss you (as mayor, if you resign) and there are people in the world who look up to you. Thank you for your service in our city.

Lord T. and Eloise: In every ruler’s life, there comes a time to step down. Eloise did it first in ancient Egypt, while Lord T did it several times from his thrones in Europe. Today, Mayor Willie Herenton did it in Memphis, TN.

What does a ruler do when his time to rule has come to an end? Some fade away, while others step into other noble pursuits, such as civic service and the betterment of society. So goes Mayor Herenton. Lord T & Eloise proudly applaud him for choosing the latter path. We wish him the very best, and hope for all our sakes he can use his great energy to better our Memphis City Schools. Best of luck, Mayor Herenton! We bid you adieu!

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