Thomas Garner exposes self at East High Sportsplex Playground

Memphis Man, Ex-Sex Offender Arrested Exposing & Fondling Himself at Playground

Thomas Garner exposes self at East High Sportsplex Playground

A Memphis, TN man was arrested on Friday after exposing his private parts and fondling them at a playground near East High School at the East High Sportsplex off Walnut Grove and Poplar Ave.

If you were to ask around, according to eyewitnesses, Thomas Johnson Garner, 43, has been seen frequently in the area which possibly means that he has done this dirty deed before and no one probably had taken notice.

A woman named Demetria Dean, who lives in the area, told WMC-TV Channel 5, that Garner an ex-sex offender, followed her one time down several streets.

“He followed me…. If I walked on the side walk, he walked on the side walk. If I walked on the grass, he walked on the grass. I had a very weird feeling about this guy,” said Dean while speaking into the camera.

After seeing a friend whom Dean started to talk to, Garner decided to recourse and then went and sat on a bench, Demetria Dean told WMC-TV News 5.

However, this wasn’t the case for a mother of five children who was out with her kids for a good time at the park. Instead of seeing a man just sitting enjoying the scenery, she saw a man who unzipped his pants and began fondling himself.

Garner’s previous arrest includes touching a woman’s buttocks while in a Target store.

As for now, Thomas Garner has only been charged with public indecency as the D.A. office says that the action was not at the point for a sexual charge.

Thomas Garner, who is still in jail at the time of this reporting, is due in court on August 30, 2013.

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