Days Inn and Suites American Way

Memphis Man Caught With Another Woman Shoots His Girlfriend After She Catches Him

Days Inn and Suites American Way

A Memphis man, Jeremy Reese, 25, was allegedly caught in a hotel with another woman by his girlfriend, so the man shot his girlfriend, according to Memphis police.

According to authorities, on last Tuesday, a woman showed up at the hotel door inside Days Inn on American Way and found her boyfriend with another woman.

After she knocked on the door and he opened it, the woman reportedly took a swing at her boyfriend and that’s when he reportedly pulled his gun and shot his girlfriend.

Fortunately, the 32 year-old girlfriend was not killed from the shooting and reportedly was recovering after being listed in non-critical condition.

The victim was seen after the shooting walking out of the hotel to an ambulance holding a towel on her neck which was captured by WMCTV.

victim shot at Days Inn by boyfriend after she finds him with woman

After the shooting, the boyfriend reportedly jumped in the car and fled the scene after shooting his girlfriend, who was believed to possibly be pregnant because a witness reportedly heard her saying “so you’re going to shoot me while I’m pregnant,” reports WREG.

At the time of the report, police were still seeking the whereabouts of the boyfriend in question, who shot his girlfriend after she caught him with another woman and then fled the scene in a white Chevrolet Impala.

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