Tanya Jones called nappy head at Delta Fair Carnival
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Memphis Delta Fair Clown Fired For Racist Taunts to Black Woman, “Hey Nappy Head!”

Tanya Jones called nappy head at Delta Fair Carnival

A Delta Fair clown has been fired after hurling racial insults at a black woman who was attending the fair with her family.

Tanya Jones was absolutely shocked when she arrived at the Delta Fair & Music Festival with her family after traveling from Atoka to Memphis, TN when a clown starting ‘clowning her’ with racial insults.

Jones was walking by with her three children ages 8 to 10 when she heard, “hey nappy head,” over the loud speaker.

She was even more shocked when she realized that the insults was targeted at her from a clown at the fair.

Sitting on the dunk tank, the clown then taunts her with “yeah I’m talking to you Sheneneh” adding that Jones looked “unbeweavable.”

To say the least, Jones says she was humiliated by the racist remarks from the clown even though she added that she and her family understood that it was in order to get people to throw balls at him to dunk him.

Jones doesn’t believe it was appropriate and the clown went to far at clowning around.

Delta Fair apparently agrees and fired the clown adding that they don’t encourage racial and sexual connotations in the comments of their staff at their fair, which they promote as “clean, safe and family friendly.”

Jones of course received a full refund of her Delta Fair fees of around $100.

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