Memphis City Schools System Reform

Lately there’s been big talk about how in-proficient the students have been performing in school due to low testing standards.

Earlier this week, Barbara Hyde of the Hyde Family Foundation, spoke at a luncheon with 300 at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn about the reforming of the Memphis City School System.

The Memphis City School System recently received grants and federal funding to help reform the standards of the school system this year.

Because of the reform, a certain “shock wave” warning will happen. We will show a decrease in student achievement in Memphis and throughout the state.

State standards are being raised due to the low standards that was previously placed for students to make it easier, but now because of funding from the Race to The Top Reform Program, $500 million in federal government funding, the Memphis City School’s share of the funding will be $68 million.

Hyde is working with the school system to try and come up with $20 million in matching funding from other foundations.

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