Memphis Winter Weather Storm Warning 2014

Memphis Braces For Snowy Weather Followed By Bone-Chilling Cold Monday

Memphis Winter Weather Storm Warning 2014

Memphis weather forecast called for snow today (January 5), however the city hasn’t seen snow as of this evening. There was rain coming down in the city before noon today which kind of dwindled off into the afternoon.

Still, snow could come to the Memphis city according to forecasts with a 100% precipitation currently in the city and the temperature currently below freezing at 29 degrees. Precipitation under these conditions could cause snow and ice.

The weather is expected to get even colder with bone chilling temperatures dropping at a low at around 10 degrees tonight and an average low of 9 degrees tomorrow, Monday, January 6th.

Along with the bone chilling cold will be even colder wind chills ranging from 15 to 25 MPH which will carry a wind chill value in the negative range as low as -8 degrees.

Snow will likely not come as the precipitation is said to lower to 20% but that still leaves a possibility of snow, ice and sleet.

Memphis isn’t the only city being warned of bone chilling cold as the National Weather Service has warned that much of the United States will see its coldest temperatures in over the last twenty years this week.

Meanwhile, Memphis International Airport has seen cancelled and delayed flights from cities such as New York, Chicago and Houston due to the weather around the country.

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