Photo of Susan Bennett - voice of Siri
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Meet Susan Bennett Of Atlanta: Woman’s Voice Behind Apple iPhone’s Siri (VIDEO)

Photo of Susan Bennett - voice of Siri

Ever wondered what Siri looks like? Well meet voice-over talent Susan Bennett, she might not be Apple iPhone’s Siri, but according to her, she is the woman behind Siri’s voice.

Susan Bennett is a voice-over vocalist from suburban Atlanta, GA, according to CNN.

Although Apple hasn’t confirmed anything, Bennett says she decided to come forward after a different woman, Allison Dufty, was reported to have been the voice of Siri.

Dufty denied the reports, so Bennett decided to come out on video with CNN.

In the video feature Susan Bennett reveals that she got the job as the voice behind Siri in 2005, after mostly radio and TV gigs.

Meet the real woman behind the voice of Siri

Susan Bennett reveals to the world that she’s the voice behind Siri.

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