McDonalds Practical Money Skills Guide
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McDonalds Finance Guide Suggests Workers “Get 2nd Job,” Use $20 a Month On Health

McDonalds Practical Money Skills Guide

McDonald’s budget guide also known as the Practical Money Skills Budget journal has been getting criticism for a budget worksheet which practically is telling employees to get a second job.

The sample budget worksheet, included for employees, lists income from the first job as being $1105 and $955 from their second job.

Adding those two numbers up may sound good looking at $2060, but wouldn’t this mean that a person would either need to work 70-80 hours a week or the second job must pay double McDonald’s pay for 17-20 hours a week. So what about spending time with family?

Accordingly, the aim of the budget journal allegedly was made to help employees succeed and gain financial freedom, but many are finding that the suggestion of the employee taking on a second job is insulting. Critics of the worksheet feel that the fast food giant is implying that it is not intending on increasing pay and would rather have their employees rely on government assistance such as food stamps and medicare or, as they stated, get a second job.

Just looking at the numbers from the guide created in conjunction with Visa Inc. and Wealth Watchers, the guide lists mortgage/rent as $600 and in some cities this expense can be even more. In addition, the car payments in the guide is listed as $150, cable/phone for $100 and the worst of them all health insurance for $20.

What do you think? Should someone get some of the executives and give them that pay and make them live off of it for 1 year and televise it to see what they’ve accomplished in that time (give them a used car, $600-$800 apartment, a checking and savings account starting at $0)?

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