MASE (Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering) Seeks Funding

Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, MASE, is seeking funding for their 2010 school term. MASE is a charter school here in Memphis which consists of students from 31 Memphis zip-codes that has already failed, or are on the verge of failing their curriculum.

Recently, MASE is seeking federal and government funding as well as donations to help out with getting the students necessary material needed for them to succeed.

Harold Wingood, executive director of MASE, along with Charlie Quinn, director of development and fund-raising, and Janis Jesse, who is chief operating officer, are going to embark on a fund-raising campaign next month that lets donors sponsor teachers, buy textbooks, and receive technological upgrades.

They are looking for at least $60,000 in corporate sponsorship because that amount will help them achieve the act of buying new textbooks, so they have a lot of work to do until they can reach their destination.

For donations or more information on Memphis Academy of Science and Engineering, visit their official website at

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