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Man Loses His Job Then Kills His Family

Man Loses His Job, Kills His Family Including Wife and Chidren Then Commits Suicide

On Tuesday (Jan 27), at least five people, some of them children, were murdered allegedly at the hands of a California man who may have been having trouble at work.

Reportedly, the deaths were discovered after medical technician Ervin Lupoe, the dad and alleged killer, faxed in a note to a TV station that he was going to kill himself and his family and his wife after both had just been fired from their jobs as medical technicians for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in West Los Angeles. Shortly after, the man apparently executed his wife, his five young children and then committed suicide.

Here is a portion of that note Ervin Lupoe faxed to the station:

“They did nothing to the manager who started such and did not attempt to assist us in the matter, knowing we have no job and five children under 8 years old with no place to go. So here we are..

Oh lord, my God, is there no hope for a widow’s son?”

Police were later called to the two-story home of the Lupoe family in Wilmington, near the Port of Los Angeles, at around 8:30 a.m. where they found dead, in the apparent murder-suicide, the bodies of Ana Lupoe (the mother and wife) and child victims, an 8-year-old girl, twin 5-year-old girls and twin 2-year-old boys. The bodies were discovered in two separate bedrooms. In one bedroom, were the bodies of the girls and the father, Ervin Lupoe while, Ana, the mother, and boys were discovered in another bedroom.

Lupoe supposedly had removed three of the children from school about a week and a half earlier, saying the family was moving to Kansas, stated the school’s principal according to KCAL-TV.

The names of the childern were not immediately released.

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  1. Wow, this is horrible. Times are rough and when you do not have funds to support yourself or family you may start to become irrational. What this man has done is very selfish and evil and God will judge him for taking his family’s innocent lives.

    On top of that, I have a suspicion that Earl was a freemason because of the statement he gave at the end of his fax…Its called the ‘grand hailing sign of distress’.

    A mason will give the sign of distress when his life is in danger or if some type of assistance is needed.
    This massacre could of been avoided if there was somebody willing to respond and aid to his distress.

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