Man In Video of Hit and Run Left Paralyzed From Neck Down

Shocking video shows Angel Arce Torres, 78, barely making it across the street when two cars hopped into the wrong lane chasing each other. One hits Torres leaving him paralyzed from the neck down, while bystanders watched him in agony from the sidewalk.

After leaving a corner store with a carton of milk in one hand and barely making it across the street, two cars hopped into the wrong lane with one hitting 78 year-old Angel Arce Torres and then turning down a side street. The elderly man was left laying in the street with no witnesses running to aid him or to even check to see if he was alright.

A surveillance video released, showed cars driving past and bystanders staring at Torres from the sidewalk on Park Street in Hartford, CT after the hit-and-run. Reportedly, the two cars involved may have been a tan Toyota and a dark Honda chasing each other. Although a couple of 911 calls where made, no witnesses made any attempts to stop traffic even though Torres was still in the middle of oncoming traffic in the street. Fortunately, a passing-by police cruiser which was actually heading to another call arrived on the scene no longer than a minute and a half after.

Currently Torres’ son, Angel Arce, is angry at what occurred stating, “It makes me angry and it leaves me hurt. To think of him there and no one to grab his hand, to offer comfort. He was always there helping everyone in their time of need and in his time, no one was there for him.”

Mr. Torres laid on the pavement with nine cars passing without stopping, one person rode up on a motorcycle and then turned around while other people walked by or stopped to look from the sidewalk.

According to Police Chief Daryl Roberts in Hartford, CT the strike left Torres paralyzed from the neck down. Torres went into surgery Sunday and remains in critical condition.

$10,000 is being offered as a reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the motorists involved in the accident. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Scene Division (CSD) Detective Michael Chauvin at 860-757-4229 or CSD Commander Sergeant Jason Thody at 860-757-4225.

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