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Lord Infamous Talks About New Label, Three 6 Mafia Rumors and His Upcoming Projects

Last week, rapper Lord Infamous aka “Scarecrow” spoke with on his relationship with close-knit group Three 6 Mafia, headed by Lord Infamous’ brother DJ Paul and member Juicy J. Infamous also spoke on his solo album project “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy,” and his newly founded label Black Rain Entertainment.

Though many fans and media were questioning the loyalty of the rapper and his connection to the group Three 6 Mafia and his brother, Lord tells that there’s ‘no love loss’ for his brother, DJ Paul or the group Three 6 Mafia, just that they all have their own solo projects and their own companies to run. “I’m not seperated,” Lord infamous told

“Paul still my brother and there is some more with me & Three 6 Mafia.”

Infamous also spoke on his last solo album project “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy” and answers how it was like working with the southern rap acts featured on the album like La Chat, II Tone, Memphis rapper T-Rock and others. “I go along way with them,” Infamous told

Infamous also mentioned rapper “The Game” as one of the artists he would have liked to have worked with on the album as well as artist “Young Jeezy.”

Infamous goes on in the interview to touch on his own new label Black Rain Entertainment formed with longtime friend, II Tone who appeared on “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy”. “We grew up together and we always been friends,” stated Lord Infamous in regards to his friend, and now business partner II Tone. “So we just hooked up & made it happen,” he added.

More revealed in the interview with and Lord Infamous were the rapper/CEO’s new group “The Club House Click,” the upcoming album with his new affiliates and the new roster of artists signed to the label Black Rain Entertainment.

And if you think the rapper born out of the streets of South Memphis that helped to solidify the underground Southern rap scene and who put the 6 in Triple ‘666’ with his dark and hardcore lyrics that created a somewhat cult of Memphis rap fanatics worldwide is done with drugs, sex, and hardcore lyrics, then think again!

“People gone always like drugs & sex, especially my fans,” Infamous told

Lord Infamous and Club House Click’s upcoming album “After Sics” is due in stores January 27th, 2009 on Black Rain Entertainment.

Check out the full interview with Lord Infamous at Whassup Infamous, so you’ve released your solo project, “The Man, The Myth, The Legacy,” how was the response to the album?

Lord Infamous: It’s real cool, fans been wit me. We’ve been hearing it was a mixtape and not your official solo album, is this true or just a rumor?

Lord Infamous: It’s more like an extra underground vol, somethin for the street. You had a few features on the album such as La Chat, II Tone, T-Rock and a few others, out of all those you worked with on this album, which one was the most rememberable, and why?

Lord Infamous: I give everybody equal value, I go along way with them all. Who helped you produce this album, and which track is your most favorite?

Lord Infamous: St Kittz, Enigma,  D.J. Sound (You Don’t Want None, P---y Stank). Is there anybody that you didn’t get to work with that you would have liked to have worked with? Artist or producer?

Lord Infamous: Maybe The Game or Jeezy. Fans are asking where is the Lord Infamous that everyone remembers with those hardcore rhymes?

Lord Infamous: I’m still here, I’m savin the best for bigger checks. LOL. Do you feel that your seperation from Three 6 Mafia has had a toll on your performance as an artist?

Lord Infamous: I’m not seperated.. Paul still my brother & there is some more with me & Three 6 Mafia. As far as your brother goes (DJ Paul) are there any hard feelings towards him and Juicy J as far as the group goes?

Lord Infamous: No, it’s not. We cool. We’ve already heard that you’re still with Hypnotize Minds, so are there any plans in the future that you’ll be doing any production with Paul & J or are you currently planning to maintain solo?

Lord Infamous: We been talkin it over, but we gone always do Black Rain. You started that label, Black Rain Entertainment, along with II Tone, how did that come about?

Lord Infamous: We grew up together and we always been friends. So we just hooked up & made it happen. Do you have any artists currently under your label and are you looking for talent?

Lord Infamous: Da Crime Click, Tha Crunkaholics, TNT. Yea’ we always lookin. We think by now everyone of your fans and listeners know that from your rhymes your craze is sex and drugs. Do you think that’ll ever die out?

Lord Infamous: No, people gone always like drugs & sex, especially my fans. LOL. Outside of music we’d like to throw in a few questions to get your take on some other things…. so, what’s your take on love? Your song is Where Iz Da Luv, do you believe in love?

Lord Infamous: In order to believe in hate you have to believe in love. When a person is as busy as yourself and working in an industry like this, do you get as much time as you would like to spend with family?

Lord Infamous: I like to get away from them. LOL. What was the last dream you had?

Lord Infamous: I dreamed the police was takin me to jail and I was tryin to talk my way out of it. What’s the best dream you ever had?

Lord Infamous: I was inside a bank vault. Back to music, what’s one thing you would tell any aspiring artist that’s trying to come up in this music industry?

Lord Infamous: Don’t let anybody step on your dream & don’t give up & be smart… know the business. Do you have any upcoming tour dates or appearances fans should know about?

Lord Infamous: Club House Click album (Jan 09) and more that you would like & gone love. What can fans expect from Lord Infamous in the future?

Lord Infamous: If everything goes ok, somethin that’s been long awaited. Is there any thing you’d like add or tell fans that we haven’t covered in this interview already?

Lord Infamous: Keep lookin out for me cuz if u cool wit me, fool wit me. Get the real albums not the bootlegs. Hit my myspace

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  1. Wussup with the devil s--t man?
    like anyone out there
    thats the kinda s--t i like infamous
    or did you change your ways
    you and koopsta ma favorate
    Yo brother Paul go hard too but they goin mainstream
    and Juicy J
    He aight, but that n---a crazy Haha
    Hit Me Back

  2. i put in a pre-order for your album about a week ago mane, it will be here on the 3rd next month, you are the only artist i have bought a new album for in about 2 years because you are one of the few people in this rap game these days that i would actually refer to as an artist. you are the reason why i went out and bought all the three 6 mafia albums and i will never understand why you never did any solos with them. anyways, yeah i have heard your new album already though, i was anxious to hear it. but atleast i bought a copy to support you and black rain, lol i just couldn’t wait until my order came in. its just my opinion but i think its the best entire album i’ve heard in about 10 years. the beats are bumpin, the feature artists all went hard, and your raps were incredible as always..i think i liked it better than the man the myth the legacy (which was also bumpin’ which i also purchased, lol)..judging by your raps on this latest junt, i’d say you’re on a whole other level with your lyrics and delivery, a level that no one can touch. you are a great lyricist and i believe you are saving your best for bigger checks like you said, and i cannot wait to hear it because right now you put all these industry pop music studio gangstas to shame because like i said you are on a level much higher that no one can touch. EVERYBODY GO BUY THE NEW ALBUM, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! support lord infamous, the scarecrow, the greatest rapper alive.

  3. sup , im not a clown a-s wigger. although im from alabama and even before i started lisining to your awesome lyrics , i was drugs u know.. writing lyrics from the voices in my head[even before i was diagnosed with acute bipolar and schophrenia] . i was on the death metal scene, just always felt like something was missin, my cuz introduced 3 6 to me and from there i was addicted to your lyrics, for years now ive stayed to my true nature, i talk with a southern accent i still whoop a-s when im done wrong and im still makin alota prophet from well u know… the fun life. im just here to say you been a great inspiration for the times s--t got deep id pop in 3 6 or sum of your underground [which i think was the best] and id know i wasnt the only one with these problems , cops and fbi, narks, clowns and by clowns i f----n mean wannabes that f--k s--t up and ask for whats comin, and thats what they get, well check my myspace add me if ya like but i only add ppl that talk with me ever now and then and not sum automated pc bs, after that ill send you some lyrics 2 c what you think, or just b------t , u know u can chill down in alabama anytime my home is off grid ” so no one snoops around without gettin shot” ”by accident…” ”pull a chainy” drugs sex violence crime weed devil s--t this is my life, peace

  4. whad up lord? this SOLID from MILWAUKEE… im doin my thang wit the beats so if u need sum HOLLA at me…. ALL SOUTH BEATS…BEEN A FAN since the age of 9yrs.. my click is SOUL COLLECT’RS but hit me mane….

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