LOL! Grandma Raps Three 6 Mafia’s ‘Slob On My Knob’ Song!

Grandma gets down and dirty in a video rapping to the lyrics of Three 6 Mafia’s raunchy song ‘Slob On My Knob’ while her son is dancing in the background.

Bruno Pierce, a 24 year-old graphic designer, would have never thought a little over a year later his YouTube video featuring his mother, a grandmother of three, would be sparking interest now. The video shows a witty older lady, his mother, rapping a Three 6 Mafia tune. What was she rapping? A known favorite among the likes of celebrity Playboy Playmate and former Girls Next Door TV personality Kendra Wilkinson – the Three 6 Mafia song “Slob On My Knob.”

Pierce’s mother questioned him prior to rapping the raunchy lyrics and asked him, “Oh my gosh I got to say that bad word?”

“Yes,” said Bruno.

His mother added, “Suck A N–ga D-ck. That bad word? Oh my God!”

Bruno’s mother went on to say that she’s going to get stabbed or mugged somewhere for mentioning that word, but her son insured her that he would bleep it out, and he did keep his promise.

“I’ll bleep out all the N-words so you don’t say any N-Words, ok,” Bruno Pierce tells his dear mother.

Watch as Grandma Raps Three 6 Mafia’s Slob On My Knob and tries to keep up with the lyrics..”Sucka N—a D–k or Som”.

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