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Lil Wyte Sets Tour Dates In Japan; Preps Upcoming Album ‘Credit Where Credit’s Due’

Hypnotize Minds artist Lil Wyte is back on the scene with a new tour, new mixtape and preparing to release his new fourth solo album.

Hypnotize Minds artist Lil Wyte born Patrick Lanshaw is back on the scene with a new mixtape collaboration with his own newly founded label Wyte Music in collab along with Gain Green Entertainment. The new mixtape entitled “Cocaine and Kush” is basically an analogy,” Lil Wyte told “If we were a drug (we — referring to himself and Wyte Music VP/Gain Green Entertainment Founder Partee), I’d be the Cocaine and he [Partee] would be the Kush,” stated Lil Wyte.

The two are currently touring in promotion of the new mixtape “Cocaine and Kush” and currently their next dates scheduled will be taking them across seas to Japan.

“We’ve been going everywhere, myself, Partee and my artist Ace from Thug Therapy. We [myself and Ace] go back to the first grade. Our last show was in Jackson, TN — we do a lot of concerts out there, we get a lot love from them,” stated Lil Wyte. We’re actually planning a reloaded version [of Cocaine and Kush] when we get back from Japan,” added Partee.

The current single being pushed off of the mixtape album “Cocaine and Kush” is “When The Sun Came Up” featuring Memphis rap/rock band Taco and Da Mofos and the popular Comedy/Alternative rapper Muck Sticky. “I met them [Taco and Da Mofos] through Muck Sticky when he performed at the Cannabis Cup,” stated Lil Wyte.

When asked about the “Cocaine and Kush” album and what types of tracks the album has, Wyte stated that the album consists of a couple of his best cuts he’s recorded throughout the years in addition to some new tracks. “It actually got some stuff I cut with Frayser Boy over the years,” stated Lil Wyte. “It’s the best of the Green and the best of the Wyte,” said Partee.

Noting that he’s definitely a part of the Hypnotize Minds, and Three 6 Mafia is in support of what he’s doing, Wyte stated, “Paul and Juice is down for what I’m doing… anything other than getting in trouble, it’s all good.”

Lil Wyte also revealed to that he’s planning to release a new solo album entitled “Credit Where Credit’s Due” and fans should be preparing for it soon. “It’s going slow now, but I promise it’s going to speed up,” stated Wyte.

“Cocaine and Kush” the mixtape album is currently available and Wyte’s fourth solo album “Credit Where Credit’s Due” could possibly be expected sometime around October/November or early 2009 according to Wyte.

Here are the Japan tour dates for Wyte Music and Gain Green Entertainment featuring Lil Wyte, Partee and Ace of Thug Therapy:

June 23 Yokohoma @ Club Bridge
June 25 Tokyo @ Club Asia
June 27 Osaka @ Club Passion
June 28 Osaka @ Club Passion

Wyte is expected to be returning back to the states June 30th.

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