Lil’ Wayne Apologizes To DJ’s, DJ Leaks His Full Album

After Lil Wayne made comments in a magazine interview in which he stated he hated the mixtape game, angry mixtape DJ’s have allegedly released his upcoming album Tha Carter III.

After the ruckus with Lil Wayne and his audio interview with the mixtape magazine Foundation that hit the internet about mixtape DJ’s, there has been nothing but trouble for the rapper.

As recently reported on, in the audio interview with Foundation, Lil Wayne stated that he hated the mixtape game.

Wayne stated, “I’m him [comparing himself to Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) who invented dynamite, but also bequeathed the Noble Peace Prize]. I created the mixtape game, but I’m not in to that no more. I’m doing Lil Wayne. I’m against it, anti-mixtape dude, and I don’t know no mixtape DJ… f-ck you. If you a mixtape DJ, f-ck you. Y’all selling me out.”

Now the rapper, who was planning to release his album come June 10, 2008, may have taken a hard stab after DJ Chuck T allegedly, cold heartedly, admitted in an email statement Friday that he leaked Lil Wayne’s album Tha Carter III and reportedly stated that he’d be damned if he let [anyone] get away with saying f-ck him without him facing some type of repercussions, including Lil’ Wayne.

Now, the rapper’s album, which has been highly anticipated, may once again have to be delayed due to this incident.

On Friday night, Lil Wayne appeared on DJ Drama’s Shade 45 Sirius satellite radio show and tried to clean up and clarify the misunderstandings about his outburst and the remarks he made about mixtape DJ’s.

“I didn’t mean to disrespect no DJ, no mixtape DJ, it was never no disrespect,” said Wayne who then gave props to Core DJ coalition Founder Tony Neal. “Given the fact that me and Drama, me and Khaled and me and my homie Raj Smoov from New Orleans, we all get it in and do the mixtape thing. Things are blown out of proportion.”

The rapper also pointed out his anger has to do which those such as the creators of Wayne’s World mixtape series, produced by DJ Keyz and DJ Pratt (Worldwide Legacy).

In addition to DJ Chuck T, other DJ’s have reportedly been making videos blasting Lil Wayne and leaking his album. A number of the DJ’s allegedly have been offering free downloads of the rapper’s album.

Cash Money/Universal or Lil Wayne has not commented on the possible leak of the album and if any legal action is being sought.

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