Photo of Rappers, actors Lil P-Nut and Ice Cube
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Lil P-Nut To Appear In New Movie ‘Ride Along’ Starring Ice Cube, Kevin Hart (Photos)

Photo of Rappers, actors Lil P-Nut and Ice Cube has learned that Benjamin Flores Jr. better known as Memphis rapper, actor Lil P-Nut, is set to appear in the new movie “Ride Along” starring rapper and film producer Ice Cube and comedian Kevin Hart.

In the upcoming film, Lil P-Nut is set to appear in the movie in an argument with Kevin Hart. Lil P-Nut revealed the news on his Facebook along with pics of him with stars Cube and Hart.

In the movie Ride Along, the story will be somewhat like a comedic version of Training Day. Hart will play a mild-mannered elementary school teacher set to be married to a woman with a hard-nosed cop of a brother (Ice Cube), who doesn’t approve of their relationship.

Cube will be taking Hart on an increasingly dangerous ‘ride along’ in his patrol car to try to scare the ‘marriage’ out of him.

Ride Along is set to start shooting in October under Universal Pictures and is being produced by Ice Cube and his CubeVision partner Matt Alvarez as well as Larry Brezner and William Packer.

The movie may also feature a role from comedian, actor and film producer John Leguizamo, who may play an undercover cop. His role is not confirmed but Leguizamo is reportedly in talks with Ice Cube, reports Hollywood Reporter.

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