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Lil P-Nut, Haunted by Heroes Premiere On Cartoon Network With “Walk this Way”

8-year old Memphis rapper Lil P-Nut is back again in a new music video entitled “Walk this Way” which launched on Cartoon Network this week starring Lil P-Nut along with the reported world’s youngest rock band Haunted by Heroes.

Yes, as you maybe guessed by now, the video is a ‘youth remake’ of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame song and music video “Walk this Way” released in 1975 starring legendary hip hop group Run DMC and legendary hard rock band Aerosmith.

The music video for this 2011 remake by Lil P-Nut and Haunted by Heroes, which premiered Monday, July 25 on Cartoon Network in addition to, was produced by Grammy-Award winning producer Greg Collins.

We know Lil P-Nut from boosting his career from the produced Memphis Hip Hop Expo, which led to a FOX interview with Marcus Hunter, on to an interview in the national spotlight with TV host and personality Ellen DeGeneres followed by Lil P-Nut rapping in front of millions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show performance.

While Lil P-Nut raps and is hip hop based, counterpart Haunted by Heroes features five 10-year-old rockers, led by twin brothers, singer-bassist Nick and drummer Chris, accompanied by sports lead guitarist Geddy, keyboardist Brandon and rhythm guitarist Charley.

The “Walk this Way” music single is currently available for purchase at iTunes.

Check out the new “Walk this Way” Music Video starring Lil P-Nut and Haunted by Heroes below:

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