Lil Boosie Pulls A No-Show? Concertgoers Go Crazy

Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie born Torrance Hatch was a no-show to a concert in Omaha, NE which may have stirred up a riot.

Yes it happens all the time, but it seems to be happening more and more often. It seems for some apparent reason Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie born Torrance Hatch was a no-show to a concert were he was suppose to show up to in Omaha, NE on February 29, 2008, Friday night which the event was even posted on his Official Myspace page.

Reportedly, the rapper was expected to perform at the Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska and after it was announced that he wasn’t going to show up after being stuck in Chicago, fans become i-rate and ran to the stage and began requesting for their money back from ticket sellers and even went to the length of ripping down the ticket booth some reports say.

“It was like one cop against a mob of people,” says Brittni Case, who watched from the balcony of the Sokol Auditorium.

Brittni Case told WOWT Channel 6 that she had bought the ticket and attempted to get her money back, however she was told by Ticketmaster that the ticket that she had purchased was an exact duplicate and not real.

“We can’t get our money back,” Case told the news station. “I called Ticketmaster, they said it’s a duplicate of their ticket because I read everything that’s said on the ticket and I was like, okay, what can you do? But they’re like we can try to get our money back, but the management said he was supposed to be here two weeks ago and those tickets are two weeks old.”

The news station stated that they attempted to contact the concert’s promoter and officials at Ticketmaster, but was unable to get in contact with anyone. In the meantime, it is not known if anyone will receive a refund or whether another concert is being rescheduled.

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