Life after Death: Rappers live on

With words like ‘life after death’, ‘ready to die’, ‘I wonder if heaven got a ghetto’, we all saw a similarity; Death. Rappers have, for sometime, taken death and embraced it in their music. Some may say they even glorified death, making it as if they really see themselves already dying from the life styles they lived. Their mentality or theory of looking at death in the face has always been looked down on by society as a whole. Many people say and think the rap world does not care about anything and that they really live to die. That may sound funny or be uneasy to take in but it is how the American society views the world of hip-hop, or lets say rap. Rap is what they say when they want to degrade the culture.

The movement the younger generation of America has embraced as their own is not a fad or a temporary thing. It is real like life and death and it will continue until it is replaced by something else. Death within the hip-hop world is spoken of, as it should be, as real life in the hip-hop culture just as it is in the so-called

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