La Chat and Gangsta Boo Witch photo
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La Chat, Gangsta Boo Post Photo Teaser of New Music Project “Witch”

La Chat and Gangsta Boo Witch photo

Rappers Gangsta Boo and La Chat, who revealed photos and cover art for their new Witch music project back in December of last year, are again teasing with the upcoming project.

Initially, the two proclaimed Queens of Memphis, known for collaborating with each other, unveiled a darkroom-like photo showing their alter egos, The Witches of Memphis.

Along with the photo teaser at the end of last year, rappers La Chat and Gangsta Boo unveiled a behind the scenes look at a “Witch” photo shoot showing their sexy side.

In their newest photo teaser, which was unveiled on La Chat’s Instagram, La Chat and Gangsta Boo are seen back-to-back with Gangsta Boo throwing up the middle finger.

Along with the photo was the caption #Witch almost here.

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